Patriarch Kirill: dechristianization is the main reason of conflicts

Tuesday, 1 November, 2016 - 14:00

During the opening of the XX World Russian People's Council, the important topic of which has been the realties between Russia and the Western countries, Patriarch Kirill has declared that the main source of all actual conflicts was dechristianization and dehumanization of the West, particularly the United States.

Dechristianization and the following radical secularism caused to the growth of other extremist movements, including the Islamic terrorism. The ideology of terrorism also means the building the whole world according to the model defined by «some elites», as saying Patriarch Kirill.

More than that, Dechristianization of Europe and the United States has led to the total misunderstanding during discussions of the most pressing international issues.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressing to participants of the World Russian People's Council, said that this coming council would have great importance not only for Russia but also for the whole world.