Pakistan Welcomes Taliban's Desire to Join the B&R Initiative

Tuesday, 7 September, 2021 - 00:30
Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed describes the Taliban's desire to join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project as "encouraging".

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project is one of the key projects of the Belt and Road Initiative

On Monday, Pakistan welcomed the Taliban's intention to join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

In a press statement, Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed welcomed the statements made by Taliban spokesman Mullah Zabihullah Mujahid, announcing his support for the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, and expressed desires to join the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

Ahmed described this approach as "encouraging", stressing that Pakistan is proud of its friendship with China, and if the Taliban holds the same perception "that is a good thing."

The Taliban appears to be looking forward to building good relations with China, in an effort to receive investments. The Taliban spokesman described Beijing as an "important partner for Kabul."

On Monday the Taliban invited China and Pakistan, among other countries, to attend the announcing of the government formation. The movement expressed that it considers China a key partner, stressing its support for the Chinese initiative "One Belt, One Road".

"China is our main partner. It offers us an exceptional possibility because it is ready to invest in and rebuild our country," the movement's spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid declared in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

"In addition, we have rich copper mines in which production can be resumed and modernized with the assistance of China," Mujahid expressed that China is their gateway to global markets, detailing his hopes of China helping to rebuild the mining industry in the nation.

Chinese Foreign Ministry hopes for peace and stability in Afghanistan

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that the Assistant Foreign Minister of China Ou Zianhao spoke with the deputy director of the Taliban Political Bureau Abdul Salam Hanafi. The ministry announced that its diplomat stressed that "Beijing always respects the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Afghanistan." He expressed his hopes that Afghanistan would achieve peace and stability as soon as possible.

The Chinese government confirmed its readiness to implement projects within the framework of the "One Belt - One Road" initiative in the country, after restoring stability and ending the unrest.

Hanafi: China is a reliable friend of Afghanistan

In turn, Hanafi responded, "China is a reliable friend of Afghanistan." He noted that " the Taliban is committed to developing friendly relations between Afghanistan and China, and will never allow any force to use Afghan territory to threaten China's interests." Hanafi added that the Taliban "will take effective measures to ensure the security of Chinese institutions and personnel in Afghanistan."

Hanafi renewed Afghan will to corporate within the framework of the Chinese "Belt and Road" project, which would contribute to the development and prosperity of Afghanistan and the region.

Railway and Road to Gwadar Port Are One of The Main Projects in BRI.

In December 2017, China and Pakistan announced the start of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor plan, after their government's approval, linking the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and Pakistan's Vision 2025.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project aims to establish a road and railway network, linking the city of Kashgar in western China and the Pakistani port of Gwadar. It is one of the main projects of the Belt and Road Initiative.


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