Pakistan to expand Mi-35 helicopters contract with Russia

Wednesday, 15 February, 2017 - 11:45

Islamabad is going to expand the contract on the delivery of the Mil Mi-35 helicopters from Russia, according to a high-ranking military official in Pakistan.

“Pakistan considers expanding the existing Mi-35 helicopters contract with Russia, a number of additional machines will depend on our budget. According to the existing contract, Russia will supply 4 pieces to Pakistan,” as a high-ranking military official in Pakistan told Sputnik.

Moscow and Islamabad concluded one contract on the delivery of helicopters (Mi-35) in August 2015. Moreover, Pakistan is considering purchase of different types of Russia's military equipment (for example, advanced S-400 air defense systems).

“Russia has good tanks, helicopters, electronic equipment, air defense systems that Pakistan may consider. S-400 is a big-ticket number and it will all depend on our budget,” the official reported.