Oman is facilitating the labour legislation because of the migrant’s protests

Wednesday, 12 October, 2016 - 08:45

The adviser of the Minister of Manpower Said bin Nasser al-Saadi reported this following information.

Nowadays foreign workers without a special certificate with the positive assessment from previous employers, can not only come back, even if it is the legal entry to their homeland, but also cannot change the company or, especially, the field of activity. Employers used to blackmail wage workers with the negative reference.

The Embassy of Bangladesh has interfered in this situation after the mass protests of workers. People could neither go home nor get their salary and had to, in this case, pay fines for staying in Oman’s territory without appropriate notes in their documents. The Embassy had called the Government of Oman to settle the matter; as a result the citizens of this country have left Oman.

The decision of abandoning the labor certificates was taken to prevent such situations. It is reported, in addition to facilitating the migrant labor, this step will cause the inflow of investments into the country.