Moldova's New President vows to uphold country’s integrity

Friday, 23 December, 2016 - 15:30

The  inauguration of President-elect of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon was boycotted by the three parliamentary groups and some members of the government. For example, Defense Minister Anatol Salaru, who is for the country’s desovereignization and its accession to Romania and entering into NATO, refused to participate in it.

Nevertheless, Igor Dodon said at his inauguration ceremony of the oath of the head of state: “I swear to devote all my strength and ability for the prosperity of the Republic of Moldova to observe the Constitution and laws of the country, to defend democracy, fundamental human rights and freedom, sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Moldova”.

After the ceremony, a rally is going to be held. Moreover, some provocations from pro-Western liberals are not excluded. However, their previous “protests” failed because of lack of support among people.