Migrant Crisis: Luxembourg wants refugees in, Hungary out

Wednesday, 14 September, 2016 - 11:45

Luxembourg Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Asselborn has called for Hungary to be excluded from the EU, stressing that Hungary’s policies contradict the bloc’s policies, Die Welt reports.

“We cannot accept the fact that the fundamental values of the European Union are being massively violated. Countries such as Hungary, which is building fences against war refugees, restricting the freedom of the press and the independence of the judiciary, should be temporarily or permanently excluded from the EU,” the politician said in an interview to the journal

Asselborn remarked that Hungary’s policies towards migrants are dangerous. In his opinion, the country is not far off from “starting to shoot migrants” who try to cross the border fence.

Luxembourg’s foreign minister also added that, if the decision to include Hungary in the EU would be taken now, the country would not have a chance.

Hungarian foreign ministry head Peter Siyarto responded by calling his Luxembourg colleague a “classic nihilist” who “tirelessly works to destroy the security and culture of Europe.”

“Jean Asselnborn has already in the past shown himself to be an intellectual lightweight,” Siyarto started.

Hungary and Serbia are preparing for a possible heightening of the migrant crisis.

“Hungarians have the right to have their voices heard. They and they alone have the right do decide with whom they want or do not want to live. Not a single bureaucrat in Brussels or Luxembourg foreign minister can deny them this right,” the Hungarian diplomat added.

In late August, Hungary announced plans to build a fence on the border with Serbia. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban said that this would help contain the refugee wave.