Mass Protest In Belgrade Against Agreement With NATO

BELGRADE – Several thousand people protested in front of the Serbian Presidency building at Andricev Venac in Belgrade over ratification of the Agreement between Serbia and NATO on cooperation in the field of logistic support. The protest was organized by representatives of the Serbian Organization Zavetnici and movement Obraz.

They requested a referendum on the law, as well as on Serbia’s approach to NATO until March 27th.

The protesters carried flags of Serbia, photographs of Vladimir Putin as well as banners against NATO and shouted “Kosovo is Serbia” and sang patriotic songs.

At the rally in front of the Serbian Government was said that the law on cooperation with NATO was adopted against the will of the people and against the Constitution of Serbia, because, as they said, the infrastructure is given to NATO troops and they are allowed to “roam our territory”.

Zavetnici announced that on Monday they will submit an application to the Constitutional Court of Serbia to declare the law unconstitutional.

The walk finished in front the Embassy of Russia, where a letter was handed, stating that the law which confirms the agreement with NATO “was not adopted in the name of the people”.

The protest went without incidents.