Latin American countries are withdrawing ambassadors from Brazil

Thursday, 1 September, 2016 - 11:30

After the final vote most of the senators expressed support for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, many Latin American countries expressed their protest against the unconstitutional court.

Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia ambassadors were sent from Brazil.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro against which the local pro-American opposition also initiated the process of impeachment, said that "politicians and oligarchs in alliance with the imperialists have ended the coup against President Dilma Rousseff." Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, described the incident as a conspiracy against democracy.

However, contrary to tradition, the Court left Dilma Rousseff eligible to participate in the political life of the country. Therefore, many analysts believe that the instability in Brazil will continue until 2018, until the next election.

Recall that Mason and Liberal Michel Temer, who took office as president of the country, does not enjoy support. He tries not to speak in public, and his inauguration took less than five minutes.

Background on this from Katehon:

This situation is beneficial to the US, which will now be able to take advantage of Brazil’s economic weakness and begin to control the country through financial and economic mechanisms.

Washington has had enough of Brazil’s active participation in BRICS and the CELAC regional project, as they undermine US global hegemony.