Hill Reporter Suggests Dems Could Use Hologram to Handle Biden’s Public Speeches

Thursday, 11 March, 2021 - 00:00

The Hill reporter Sharyl Attkisson has suggested that the White House could use hologram technology to help Joe Biden deliver public speeches.

According to Atkinson, officials within the administration are “mulling over farfetched speculation that, upon further examination, starts to look almost like it is not completely outside the realm of the possible.”

The journalist highlighted how AI and deepfake technology is becoming so indistinguishable from reality, that it can “make people who didn’t say or do something look very much like they said or did the thing.”

“Some years ago, a government source with access to intelligence at the highest levels explained to me — without divulging any classified information — that any technological thing we can imagine is actually being researched or accomplished in the secret channels of our government. And, he told me, things that are beyond our ability to imagine also are being done,” wrote Atkinson.

“Joe Biden isn’t a hologram. But if he wanted to be, and if powerful people with access to the latest technology wanted to make him one, it seems as though there might be little they couldn’t accomplish,” she concludes.

Biden has yet to take part in a press conference or address the nation, although he is set to do that tomorrow to mark the one year anniversary of the coronavirus shutdown.

The 78-year-old’s habit of stumbling through sentences and forgetting words and names has left staffers keen to keep Biden away from reporters.

As we highlighted yesterday, Biden’s handlers almost had panic attacks when journalists began asking him questions during a visit to a hardware store in DC.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris has been handling important phone calls with foreign leaders, a task normally undertaken by the president.

A Rasmussen poll found that half of Americans now have questions regarding Joe Biden’s physical and mental fitness, while more than half are concerned about the fact that he has not held a press conference for almost 50 days now.

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