Great Britain threatened the Russian Federation with the cyber attacks

Monday, 28 September, 2020 - 14:14

The head of the British Strategic Command emphasized that today London is a "cyber force" that can both resist attacks by hackers and attack its enemies in cyberspace.

According to The Guardian, the head of the British Strategic Command, General Patrick Sanders, announced that London has developed the latest cyber weapons capable of blocking the enemy's power systems and other infrastructure. The military leader stressed that today Britain is a "cyber force" that can both resist hacker attacks and attack its enemies in cyberspace.

According to him, already now the United Kingdom is capable of "weakening, undermining and even destroying the key capabilities and infrastructure of those who will cause damage, from strategic to tactical objectives."

He said that According to Patrick Sanders, all of the above threats are forcing the Kingdom to increase funding for cyber warfare, as well as to form the National Cyber Forces. It is reported that the latter will work not only for the Ministry of Defense, but also for the Government Communications Center.daily cyberattacks against London are conducted not only by individuals, but also by entire states. Among them, Sanders named China, Iran, Russia and North Korea.

The British military leader said that Moscow invariably interferes in democratic processes and elections, Beijing is engaged in theft of technology and intellectual property, and the Iranians provide support to terrorists.