FT: The Development of China's Defense Sector Astonishes the Pentagon

Friday, 22 October, 2021 - 00:05

The Financial Times (FT) reported that the Chinese military tested hypersonic weapons at least twice last summer.

According to new data published by the newspaper today, quoting sources familiar with US intelligence data, the first test carried out by China on August 13 and revealed by the Financial Times was not the first one. The august 13 test was preceded by another launch carried out on July 27 for a missile carrying a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) with potential nuclear capabilities.

FT pointed out that the vehicle, which is believed to be developed by the Chinese Academy of Space Aerodynamics, a subsidiary of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), was launched by a "Changin" rocket.

US sources: The Chinese experiments defy "the laws of physics."

The report claimed that the experiment did not achieve its goal in full, nevertheless, the Pentagon and US intelligence were astonished. The test demonstrated the qualitative capabilities that China was capable of developing in the defense sector.

One of the newspaper's sources stated that US government agents are trying to determine the military capabilities that China possesses and the US does not. The source added that Chinese achievements, according to the agents defy "the laws of physics."

The US had recently expressed concern about the alleged Chinese experiments. In turn, Beijing stressed that it had not tested any weapons platforms, but rather a new spacecraft that would play an important role in the scientific field.

Chinese FM Spokesperson: The reported information does not correspond to reality

On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin denied again the statements in the report, stressing that this information does not correspond to reality.

Earlier The FT revealed in a report that the progress made by China in the Hypersonic armaments field had surprised the US intelligence.

According to the newspaper, the spokesman for the Pentagon, John Kirby, abstained from commenting on the report, expressing his country's concerns about what he called military capabilities that China continues to develop. These capabilities can only increase tension in the region and beyond, according to Kirby.