First, a tent, then special forces: Turks occupied part of the territory of Greece

Saturday, 23 May, 2020 - 07:23

The Turkish military first pitched a tent, and then transported special forces to part of the territory of Greece beyond the Evros River, which is considered controversial. The army has already begun to cut down the forest.

The Greek portal Army Voice reported that the disputed border runs along the Evros River, also called the Maritsa. It sometimes changes its course according to the natural laws of nature: periodically it flows a little east, then a little west. Greece believes that it has the right to this territory, Turkey refuses to admit it.

The debate lasts several decades. May 22, the Turkish military appeared near the city of Fere, which is Greek. There they pitched a tent. At first there were about 10 people, now in this territory there are already more than 35 representatives of special forces and the army. They have already begun to cut the forest, clearing the site.

The publication said that some time ago, Greek experts, geographic officers, explored the site in order to subsequently establish barriers there. Ankara did not like it. The authors of the material suggested that Turkey decided to simply occupy part of the territory of Greece.

Turkey cannot prove that the land belongs to her. Authorities generally refuse to discuss this topic.