European Parliament’s attempts to lecture Russian people are insulting - envoy

Wednesday, 22 September, 2021 - 01:23

European Parliament’s (EP) attempts to lecture the Russian people are being perceived as an insult to its intelligence and its ability to think independently, Russian Permanent Representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov told journalists, commenting on the recent EP resolution on Russia Sunday. He also underscored that EU countries could learn how to organize elections and ensure their transparency from Russia.

“This entire resolution’s lead idea is that [Russia] has an evil government, president and parliament. And then there is some good, democracy-seeking Russian people whom the MEPs wish to help find a ‘way to the light’. Such arrogant attitude, I am sure, will be perceived by many in our country as an insult to their intelligence and ability to think independently,” the Russian envoy said. “If someone in Brussels believes that such resolutions can nudge Russians to anti-governmental rallies or can rock the situation in our country in some different fashion, then I will say that they know Russia and the Russian people poorly. Our compatriots are responsible and politically educated enough to by such calls”.

“This document is a shining example of an intervention in internal affairs of a sovereign state. It could be quoted in textbooks later. An intervention in the electoral process, in the political life; apart from smearing the current Russian authorities, it outlines what the Russian authority and the parliament should be; it contains specific instructions on how Russia should amend its electoral legislation and so on,” he noted.

The Russian envoy believes that “this document will find no practical applications in the daily operation of EU executive bodies.”

Earlier, the European Parliament adopted a report from Lithuanian MEP Andrus Kubilus urging the EU to review its relations with Russia.

In particular, the report’s author states that the EU must “counter the security threat”, “combat Russia’s interference in the affairs of the EU and the ‘Eastern Partnership’,” carry out a “selective dialogue with the Kremlin” and “support the democratic society.”

Among other things, the report states that EU countries must “be ready to not recognize the outcome of the upcoming State Duma elections,” if “violations of democratic procedures and the international law” are registered.