Clinton is frightened by Russian "interference" in the US election

Tuesday, 6 September, 2016 - 14:30

US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton said that the threat of potential Russian intervention in the course of American elections should be eliminated "reliably and fast", reports by Bloomberg. Thus, Hillary supported the concerns of the Intelligence Directorate, which investigates the "influence of Russia" in the course of the presidential campaign in the United States. According to the Ministry, spies from Moscow want to "sow public mistrust" to the candidates.

At the same time Clinton acknowledged that the attempt to manipulate the American political system from abroad "does not fit in her head." Clinton is convinced that the Russian authorities get certain benefits from this.

- I'm really concerned about credible reports of interference of the Russian government in our elections. Everyone should clearly realize that we will not allow anyone to interfere, - Clinton said.