Biden Was Right to Withdraw US Troops From Afghanistan, Putin Says

Thursday, 21 October, 2021 - 23:56

The Joe Biden administration has faced much backlash over a chaotic troop pullout and evacuation from Afghanistan, which saw the Taliban seize control of the country.

Joe Biden was right to withdraw the US troops from Afghanistan, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, addressing the Valdai Forum on Thursday.

According to the Russian president, his US counterpart realised that the political decision to leave Afghanistan would face much criticism at home, but he took responsibility anyway.

"Biden probably understood — maybe he did not know the details of how this would happen, but he understood that one way or another — domestically, this would be one of the lines of attack. But he went for it, accepted and assumed this responsibility."

The main responsibility for what is happening in Afghanistan lies with the countries that fought there for 20 years, but in order for the state to solve its social and economic problems, it is necessary to unfreeze their assets, Putin said.

The Russian president stated on Thursday that Moscow would decide on removing the Taliban from the list of banned terrorist groups based on the decisions they make.

"We think that we are moving in this direction," he added.

Source: Sputnik