Biden Issues National Day of Prayer Proclamation — Omits Word ‘God’

Thursday, 6 May, 2021 - 23:18

A National Day of Prayer Proclamation put out by the administration Wednesday noticeably omits mention of the word “God.”

The omission was catalogued by CBN’s David Brody, who pointed out the absurdity of having a Day of Prayer message without “God.”

“How do you release a proclamation about prayer and not mention God at all?” Brody asked, adding, “Of course it mentions climate change & racial justice.”

The message released at the website Wednesday does include the word “lord,” but only superficially in the last paragraph referring to “the year of our Lord two thousand twenty-one.”

It also mentions the phrase “the divine,” but only in a paragraph dedicated to late Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.): “Nothing can stop the power of a committed and determined people to make a difference in our society. Why? Because human beings are the most dynamic link to the divine on this planet.”

Compare Biden’s God-less proclamation to last year’s message put out by President Donald Trump, which mentioned God nearly a dozen times.

“Truly, this is pathetic…and not surprising!” says Brody.

Source: Infowars