Another Lebanon's prime minister resigns

Saturday, 26 September, 2020 - 15:42

Acting Prime Minister of Lebanon Mustafa Adeeb announced on Saturday his resignation and refusal to form a new government for the country.
"The reason for my resignation was that the political blocs did not fulfill my condition - they did not refuse to politicize the process of forming the government," Adib said. His statement was broadcast by Arab TV channels.

Adib was appointed prime minister at the end of August, but was unable to present a new cabinet, despite the conditions of French President Macron, under which a new government was to be announced in Lebanon before September 14. If this condition is met, Macron pledged to hold a conference on aid to Lebanon in Paris in October. The process of forming a government has become more difficult after the US imposed new unilateral sanctions against two former ministers whom the US administration has accused of being connected with the Shiite movement Hezbollah.

Paris stated that in the absence of real reforms by December, France will abandon its mediation mission and will not persuade the international community to provide assistance to Lebanon. Moreover, the French President did not rule out, otherwise, the imposition of sanctions against Lebanese politicians in connection with their actions, preventing the normalization of the situation in the country.