Algeria Urges AFP to "Immediately Stop" Hostile Campaign

Thursday, 28 October, 2021 - 00:01

The Algerian communication ministry called on AFP Wednesday to "immediately stop" its "hateful hostile campaign" against Algeria.

Algiers threatened to use the law, which would see Algeria not granting the French news agency the accreditation required for it to continue its work in the North African Arab country.

"Agence France-Presse has constantly proven its hostile prejudice against Algeria and its clear disconnection from practicing media and journalism by not even having the minimal amount of credibility, objectivity, professional ethics, and morals," the ministry's statement read.

The statement also said AFP became a mouthpiece for the anti-Algerian lobbies and governments, noting that it became a "platform for praising terrorist ideals and an open space for the foreign voices that deeply hate everything Algerian."

The communication ministry cited disinformation and false news AFP published, which it accused of aiming to "defame Algeria."

"In the face of these repeated blunders and transgressions, which we wholely reject, we urge Agence France-Presse to immediately stop its hateful and hostile campaign against Algeria," the statement concluded, underscoring that Algiers would resort to the law were AFP not to comply.