Latin America

Is the impeachment against Bolsonaro prepared?


After the khaos that emerged in a Brazilian society corroded by corruption and that reached the then President Temer, the ultra-rightist Jair Bolsonaro triumphed in the ballot, who formed a government supervised by the Trump Administration with the avowed objective of turning Brazil into the paradigm of the new geopolitical and economic order of the US neocon establishment in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Mexico Turns Towards Multipolarity


An important event took place between 22 and 24 February that not only has a symbolic significance for the Western hemisphere, but could also become an additional catalyst for the establishment of a multipolar world order.



Today, the detention facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba turns 19. Nearly two decades ago, detention operations commenced when the first C-17 carrying 20 detainees arrived at the 45-square-mile American outpost on the southeastern tip of Cuba.

Latin America and the Anglo-American “Booby-Left”


“One of the most spectacular developments of this period is occurring in Latin America – For the first time in 500 years, Latin America has taken significant steps toward its liberation from imperial domination”. Noam Chomsky, Magisterial Speech at the Forum for Emancipation and Equality, Buenos Aires, March 14, 2015

International system, its origins and rules


When continents began to interact between themselves, from approximately five centuries ago, slowly, they started to form, what is now called the "international system". It is an attempt to break the Islamic fence - which threatened to strangle strategically the small and divided Christian kingdoms of Europe -, Portugal and Castile launched their navigations through the Atlantic to Asia, bordering the Muslim power

Problems of counter-hegemony


As already stated, the assumptions on which international relationships rest is given by the fact that the political units are striving to impose one to another's will. International politics must involve a contest of wills: the will to impose or the will of not being allowed to impose the will of another.

The Founding Insubordination: Introduction


These lines intend to be a “peripheral thinking”, a reflection attempt from our being somewhere, and being someone. A peripheral thought about international relations, convinced that – as Stanley Hoffmann would say – “Born and raised in America, the discipline of international relations is, so to speak, too close to fire”

South America between Retrocession & Development


If the stage for South America were that of the frame of a totally open economy, the surpluses of industrial production of the most diverse parts of the orb –naturally or artificially produced- will be dumped onto the South American market, amongs