Euro Continentalism

The West and its Challenge. Part II


Nobody knows the ultimate result of this confrontation, inasmuch as the historical stakes are too great; a genuine battle will break out for the significance of "the end of history" or, according to another outcome, for its continuing further.

It’s Eurasia integration vs. Empire of Chaos


Talk about a day that will live forever in history: Tuesday, November 18, 2014 in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, China. The first China-Europe Block Train, carrying 82 containers of exported goods, leaves the massive industrial warehouse of Yiwu to Madrid, with arrival December 9, 2014.

Sixth column


The term of "the fifth column" which appeared in the period of the Spanish Civil War, is used widely and actively in international mass media.

Eurasianism: Beyond Good and Evil


In view of the fact that it has been conclusively established in the works of A. Dugin that Eurasianism is indeed a universal philosophy or Weltanschauung for people all over the world – even (or perhaps especially) for those living in nations directly under Atlanticist control – we must now attempt to illuminate the most basic principles which bind the diverse adherents of the International Eurasian Movement together.

Fidesz - Hungarian response to the left-liberal globalization


Why Western liberals misunderstand Hungary? The country has rejected liberal universalism and is being punished for it by the European politicians. To understand Hungary’s domestic policy and current response to the migration crisis, it is important to consider its primary principles: the will to sovereignty, legality and political responsibility.

Some thoughts on Multipolarity


I was born in Slovakia in the early 1990s and was raised by my mom and dad, who are a doctor and train driver, respectively. I played basketball since I was six years old and I went to a religious high school.