A world reigned by „Networks” or The hidden dimensions of the global wars of the first decades of the 21st century.


The first thesis of my paper tries to rephrase those theoretical recognitions that were conceived in connection with the operation of the way-of-existence that named itself "globalisation" in the course of its euphemistic self-introduction. The core of this is the fact that in front of our eyes a process directed at "replacing reality" is evolving. We do not see clearly the reasons of this and its consequences; however, it seems more and more probable that it may mean a dramatic shift from the aspect of the future of both human societies and the biosphere of the earth.

The second thesis tries to summarise those experiences that characterise the processes of the world since the "September 11, 2001 "action" of the "empire", which strives to build up globality's way-of-existence. What is there behind the mythological layers of the theory of the "clash of the civilizations", what is the meaning of the more and more obvious efforts of the universes of China, India and the Islam culture made against the West for regaining their historical position-advantage? What impact does the process exert on this gigantic fight, in the course of which it seems to be revealed that the pillaging management of the fossil energy carriers that represent the ecological basis of the way-of-existence of the Western style modernity approaches its end?

The third thesis tries to reveal those tendencies that characterise the response reactions of Europe. Naturally it deals with those response reactions that may be interpreted as reactions to the above not insignificant challenges. We made efforts to outline the main dimensions of the "sinking" of Europe, and those reasons that make our continent more and more divided and uncertain as regards its identity.

The first thesis, or the world of the "realised absurdity".

Today it is already a boring platitude and it is the subject of feeble jokes that mankind manages its own site of living, the Earth, as a corporation being in its final liquidation phase, which went bankrupt. Mankind already sees the threatening consequences of its existence destroying activities, however, it continues all these activities with stubborn, perverse steadfastness, moreover due to some mystic reason it is inclined to address its self-destruction with the concepts of "progress", "development", and other false meta-concepts. Therefore what "exists", should not be there, nevertheless it exists. More exactly, applying in a consistent manner the dialectics of Hegel, it does not exist, only it situated there.  However, this is only sufficient to produce rather grave consequences from the aspect of the complete earthly existence.

It is already also evident that the ultimate cause of all this is the planetarily dimensioned dictatorship of Western-style modernisation. However, it is also more and more obvious that this way-of-existence has arrived to a critical crossroads in the 20th century, and it is getting prepared to give a fatal answer to the dilemma that was worded at this point. The peculiar complex - which named itself "globalisation" in the course of its misleading self introduction - is such a new way-of-existence in the history of mankind, which – if we do not understand its essence and we do not correct it at least – will certainly be the last way-of-existence of mankind as well.

It became evident in the first decade of the 20th century that Western style modernisation has used up its eco-socio-cultural reserves, and it may preserve its reign over the world only with such brutal existence-pillaging, which makes the evolving of permanent global civil war unavoidable. The Lords of this way-of-existence could present two logically different answers to this grave dilemma. According to one of the possible answer schemes they could try to reverse the "desacralisation" process that had been penetrating ever deeper since centuries already at that time, they could try reinstate the dangerously broken internal balance of existence by orientating the world towards slow "resacralisation". (Healing those existence-wounds" that have been cut on it by the logics of "business of the business is the business”). The other possibility was "escaping by charging ahead" that is extending the desacralising existence-destruction to quasi-infinite depths.

However, starting with the end of the seventhies it became more and more clear that with the aid of the "feats" of techno-evolution that were (believed to be) unimaginable till then the Lords of modernity have set off in the direction of building up a new way-of-existence, the logics of which is unknown till now, which they have named misinformingly "globalisation". The new way-of-existence tries to avoid the monster of planetary global civil war rebellion by simply "replacing" the rebelling reality. And with this the so far unimaginable era of building up the "artificial pseudo-reality" had started.

Human civilization, from the moment of its birth, searches the answer to three basic questions. What is matheria, what is life, and what is the spirit? Naturally the question - that seems to be three questions - is actually one, namely, what is the common "centre of gravity" of these three dimensions of existence, the mysterious "attractor" of the theory of chaos, the "centre" of the space that goes from minus infinity of the micro-cosmos till the plus infinity of the macro-cosmos? Therefore if we substitute the appearance forms (matheria, life, and spirit) of these three basic dimensions of existence with artificial arrangements, then the rebellion potential of existence turning against the desacralisation of modernity will become extinguishable.

During the past three-four decades technological and "psycho-socio-technological" evolution seems to have really opened such existence-spaces, which had seemed to be unimaginable for mankind, since they are far beyond the horizon of existing knowledge.

A complete line of "material sciences" produces tens of thousands of artificial materials that have property sets that were unconceivable till now. This Hero of globality penetrates to the deepest organisation levels of matheria as well, and it breaks up the ontological envelope protecting the organisation levels with such a brutal momentum which pushes some threatening issues completely to the peripheries. Artificial materials (and in this sense both the atomic bomb that is based on nuclear fission and the fuel material and the combustion products of atomic reactors "of peaceful intent" are also "artificial materials") apply such technologies the dangerousness of which increases at an unimaginable rate. This cannot be otherwise, since the more forcefully we break up the protective envelopes of the existence levels, the greater and the riskier energies have to be used for these interventions. And this is only the "input" side of the processes; however, obviously the "output" side raises also a dilemma of at least of this significance. Nature (the „real” reality) simply "does not recognise" these materials, and therefore it is incapable of readapting them into its eternal circulation.

And probably the greatest threat – of significance unknown yet - is represented by the phase that is located between these two points, the utilisation of these products. This is so, because evolution is unable to adapt itself during such an extremely short time to the fact that it must process during a couple of decades the "adaptation-potential" of several hundred thousand years. The deepest reason of a number of our life souring illnesses starting with allergies, up to cancer is probably represented by the brutal adaptation imperative - the adaptation pressure - that is intensified till infinity. We could even consider it to be a metaphor that the majority of the contraceptives after being discharged from the female body circulates in an unchanged form in the water circulation systems still for decades, and it is fed back into the animal and human organisations as an unfilterable "component" of potable water, together with a vast number of other pharmaceutical and chemical residues. Probably it is not needed to introduce the details of the possible consequences of this process.

The already today untransparent system of "artificial materials", already by its increasing "volume", but mostly through the exponentially growing number of the unknown and unexplored "interferences" of its interactions, increases the danger of "risks and side-effects" with a dizzying speed and in an untraceable manner. And this is still only that level at which we assume that there is a maximum of attention, discipline and good intention. However, in our world of today one does not have to be a paranoically suspicious person to imagine that carelessness, indiscipline, negligence, profit greediness, cynicism or just bad intention may raise the above mentioned risks ultimately to the level of unmanageability

Analogous tendencies to all the above are evolving on the next level of existence organisation as well, where the Hero of globality as a kind of genetic “hacker” breaks up the codes of life. Mankind – by preparing genetically modified living organisms, GMO - prepares to cross newer ontological borders. It does this in a similarly “cautious” way as we could see it previously in the case of artificial materials. (Otherwise in ontological sense the genetically modified living creatures are also classified as “artificial materials", since the essence is the same, the brutal breaking up of the “protective envelope” of existence before learning the real nature of the processes.) Without going into the depth of the structure of these processes, we will mention only a couple of relationships. Mankind started the production of living gene-modified “products” by now in a routine manner, without knowing the answer to the following questions.

The so-called „gene surgery” (Artificial Genetical Recombination) introduces into a living organisation foreign genes in such a way that it has no exact knowledge of where the given gene-sequence will actually be incorporated. And more and more signs indicate it and it could be suspected already at the start that this issue is absolutely not negligible! Mechanisms that are today still unknown can produce completely different consequences depending on where the artificially introduced element is incorporated. Another threatening aspect is the fact that in nature a gene-sequence is never “switched on permanently”. This means that a mechanism that is today still unknown “activates” the given gene-section only if it is needed from the aspect of the whole of the organisation. However, in view of the fact that we do not know these regulative processes at all, each gene introduced with a forced intervention is always “switched on”. Since this never occurred in the billion year history of evolution, we can only make guesses of the possible consequences! A closely related aspect is that they have thought that the majority of the genetic stock exists completely unnecessarily, they considered them to be the remnants of long past times that became useless long ago, or a kind of “over-insurance”. Nowadays it seems to be revealed that the “silent depth” that is the larger part of the stock is really a complex system of “fine tuning”, which operates on the basis of mechanisms that are still completely unknown today.

Already this would be sufficient to face the fact that each genetically modified living material is a biological bomb, about whose timing we have no idea, and we may at the most only hope that it will not be triggered there and then where we expect its devastating consequences the least.

Moreover this is only the “inside” of the processes! As regards the external impacts it is completely unclarified what kind of consequences will be let loose by the interactions and interferences that take place between them and the genetically untreated living creatures. It is unclarified how the spontaneous mixing of the heritage materials can transform complete sites of living, or in a chain like manner even the whole eco-system. Similarly it is also unexplored how the living organisms consuming manipulated living materials will react to all this in the long term. The metaphor of a timed bomb is therefore true for both the internal and the external spaces each, and their joint effect further increases significantly the risks that are already enormous.

The third level of existence organisation is represented by the “spirit”, the human consciousness, in a wider sense the “human nature”. The “biological body” of a man, as a living material already at the previous level of organisation became the subject of manipulation, here we are dealing with the machineries of artificial ”identity constructing” mechanisms, and the possible consequences of the existence destroying activity of these machineries.

Human evolution has evolved into a twofold structure during the past ten thousand years. The process of the many million years of the first level of “natural” evolution continued on its original track, since it is not influenced by the development of the culture-creating capability of the civilization building man. However, the new „spiritual evolution” established a new quality of existence. The opportunity has opened for human culture to “create” such processes as well through understanding the hidden layers of existence, which - in spite of the fact that they are potential existences - would not be realised without the interventions of mankind. In this regard the essence of human spirituality recognises the possibility of sacral harmony, and its task to take care of it. It recognises and starts to take care of the existence-organising knowledge, and through this the possibility of establishing a continuously reproduced existence harmony is opened, since the meaning of the original concept of culture is "taking care, nurse, adapt".

However, western modernity as a result of processes unidentified till today turns against this sacralisation, and the desacralisation era of Western style modernisation has started. The destroying existence-program of „the business of the business is the business” concept, that turns against sacralisation, however, can be realised only in a way that creates such a hidden psycho-social arsenal, with the aid of which it becomes capable of “replacing” sacral identity in an unnoticed manner, the identity that exists in humans as given by nature. The machinery of this replacement of identity is represented by the interpreting and thematising power of the global media, including the complete advertisement-marketing machinery of “demand-production” as well. The thematising power has a twofold structure. On one side it keeps in its hand an immeasurable hidden power, which may decide from the infinite happening-flow of the world what will become “news” and what will not. And on the other side defining which news should occupy what place in the news-hierarchy has an enormous spiritual impact; it suggests the internal significance hierarchy of the attention worthy happening flow of the world. The interpreting power has probably an even greater significance than these, since in what interpretation framework and with what set of concepts we describe the happenings that became news decides already at the start for the unaware recipients the quality of the world organising knowledge they will perceive. All this is equally true for each manifestation of the verbal and visual “image interpreting” power.

Through this arbitrary replacement of identity, globality's way-of-existence gets an opportunity for building up the artificial spirit. The way is opened in front of it to “produce” the gigantic herd of obedient workforce and consumerforce “human-animals” with “replaced minds”. This process is similar to the pathogenesis of viruses. Since when a virus penetrates the cell of the host organisation “its first task” is to reconstruct the genetic codes within the heritage material of the cell nucleus, so - from this point on - the cell will synthesise not the specific proteins of its own host organisation, but those of the virus. As a result the cells of the host organisation do become “virus factories”. This way the existence character of the manufactured “saliva-dripping consumer idiot” will become the biological “accessory” of accelerating the rotation speed of financial capital, which, as a specific “bowel-segment” has only the task to press through itself in an obedient manner that mass of consumer products built on the “junk food” logics, which may be assumed to be dangerous waste already in the moment of its being produced.

Therefore globality is such a new way-of-existence in the history of mankind, the strategic objective of which is to produce and operate the above outlined “artificial reality” in order to eliminate once and for all the eco-socio-cultural rebellion, which was raised and is raised by modernity that destructs the existences in the value-fields of the “localities” of the world.

Globality's way-of-existence has built up a complex institution system in the course of the recent decades, the expansion of which is enormously facilitated by those gigantic techno-evolutionary changes, which have accelerated exactly in the recent decades to a speed that is hardly traceable. The keywords of expansion are liberalisation, deregulation and privatisation. These are those planetary power-methods, with the aid of which “globality” opens “the protective locks of the “localities”, in order to get unlimited access to its value-fields. All this can be described with the expression “network”, which simultaneously projects in our mind a threatening metaphor. This is so, because our age has a threatening main actor, the strategy of which can be presented exactly with the network efforts of the tertiary slogan "liberalisation, deregulation, privatization". If we would “personalise” this actor, then probably we could hear from it the following, logically perfect derivation.

„I want full liberalisation, therefore nothing and nobody should limit the completely free proliferation of the cells, I want complete deregulation, and therefore the neuro-endocrine regulation system of the organisation should not determine what and how I should do. And finally I want complete privatisation, since everybody knows that the worse owner of the organisation is the immune-system, therefore the organisation possessed by it should be privatised for example for my benefit.” And by now the kind reader has probably already recognised that this main actor we are talking about is the cancer cell. The power system of the planetary dimension of globality's way-of-existence is the metaphor of cancer, the unbridled proliferation of cancer cells. Whether the Lords of globality do know it and in the possession of this knowledge they nevertheless “go ahead” with cynical unscrupulousness, or all this is caused by fatal unknowing, is a question that is difficult to answer. The famous saying of Talleyrand according which „It is more than a crime, it is a mistake” ingeniously points to this dilemma, which we will have to still face on a number of occasions in the present paper. To the dilemma, which could answer whether the global and local collaborating players of the new way-of-existence lack more which of the two key-concepts of enlightenment, Brain or Virtue. (It is of course another question whether we do accept the suggestion of the famous Frenchman Talleyrand according which it is not a problem if someone is a villain; the problem is if someone is an idiot.)

This “brave new world” (a la Huxley) of the planetary networks is based on the foundations of three large institution complexes, on the pillars of the enforcing power, the disciplining power, and the interpreting power.

The first pillar is the enforcing power. Enforcing power means in a somewhat simplified way the “seemingly economic” institution network of transnational-multinational companies. The “physical body”-based bread-and-butter type of enforcement of the capital side of modernity is exercised by this complex above the masses of workforce and consumerforce human-animals. A smaller proportion of the owners of the workforce are employed by them directly, an other significant proportion is employed by their suppliers, and the rest of the masses are included in those spaces which are pillaged by this power-institution through using the intimidated corrupted elites of the localities as intermediaries. Referring to the poor situation of those that are pillaged in this manner, the apologists of globality used to draw the attention to the sad fate those have to face, who according to them “have stayed out of globalisation”. (In spite of the fact that this is the “end product of the material exchange” that is most characteristic of this global “ramshackled-society”, called globality, therefore it is very much “within” globality.) Only because the Lords of globality in their minds keep them “outside”, the false vision can be projected that they have remained outside.). The enforcing power demands open access to the value-fields of the localities, and it wishes to pay the least possible taxes and wages, and it wishes to keep the regulation level – the ecological and social norms prevailing in the space of the locality – on the lowest level possible. It is relatively simple to see that this pathological, perverse situation - in which exactly they are the ones who successfully make the localities “compete”, in order to get them to bring their resources that are still left for their own elementary level of reproduction to the lowest level possible – leads to the accelerating self-destruction of the complete world.

The second pillar, the other main element of the power institution system of globality is the world of disciplining powers. IMF, Worldbank, WTO, the large credit rating institutions, and the auditing goliath companies represent the parts of this decisively significant institution system. Their main task is to produce the ideology that serves as the basis of subordinating the localities. It is hardly by chance, that the tertiary slogan "liberalisation, deregulation, privatisation" was conceived under the name of Consensus of Washington in the late automn of 1989 at a conference that was held at the Headquarters of IMF by the leaders of exactly these organisations. The essence of the strategy is the following: with the aid of indoctrinating the elites of the localities, the example of compador-collaborant behaviour should be made to be the only possible criterion. Naturally each “deviation” from the ideological canon should be strictly punished. Warning is first done only on the level of ideological condemnation, and if this does not reach its objective, that is when the means of threatening-disciplining are engaged. (In the condemnation phase, as we shall see, the main task is to be executed by the third institution complex, the global interpreting power.). One of the classical means of this is “lower rating”. The credit rating institutions through their activities already by raising the possibility of lower rating may achieve the withdrawal of amounts mounting to billions of dollars from the value-fields of the localities within seconds. The enormous auditing companies partially execute checking functions, and partially they make efforts to establish the (false) vision, that the multinational goliaths - that operate as enforcing powers - are under perfect and unquestionable control through them. However, the global scandals of the recent years, the many hundred billion dollar fraudulent bankruptcies seem to prove that the large consulting firms assisted in the same unscrupulous way in the falsification of the balance sheets, as they are falsified by the multinational companies.

And finally the third institutional element of the power structure of globality is represented by the interpreting power, which exerts its influence essentially through the system of global media. Its main task is to create and to continuously recreate and operate that interpretation framework and concept-set (the summarising name of which is: “narrative”), which presents the power order of globality as a “law of nature”, in which all resistance against this power order covers only ignorance or destructive efforts, therefore steps have to be made against it either with the means of “pedagogy” or with the means of legitimate force. This machinery allows to condemn any such person as a suspicious “populist, nationalist, protectionist, etc.” element, who only wishes to phrase, or possibly represent the basic strategic interests of the given locality representing a community. And the other way around, it is able to praise anybody as an exemplary “reformer, liberal, market-friendly, democrat, etc.”, who serves as a comprador-collaborant - in a most cynical and unscrupulous way - the strategic interests of the Lords of the global power-structure. The internal structure of the interpreting power complex allows continuous “identity-replacement” to adapt itself to the momentary level of the deconstruction slope. In view of the fact that - exactly as a result of conscious deconstruction - the ratio of those that are already completely “deconstructed” is ever greater, and therefore for them all this may become a swirl that reinforces itself through establishing the possibility of living with the “elementary instincts” in the most primitive way possible. The „reality show”, the primitively and uproariously destructing “sensation hunting media”, the “talk show” that spreads aggressiveness and hardly covered pornography take the individual ever deeper down on the slope of existence character forming, who has been made a simple consuming machinery, from whom his/her real communities and identity had been taken away. All this with the creation of the obedient globalo-character seems to eliminate the rebellion potential.

Those discrete discussion networks (Trilateral Committee, Bilderberg Group, etc.) execute the fine tuning of the three institutional pillars, which make the power arrangement of globality's way-of-existence seamless on the level of operation as well. During the three decades between 1971 and 2001 it seems that nothing stood in the way of this "network spreading" of the existence destroying strategy, which is built on the slogan of the Nobel prize winner American economist Milton Friedman that was quoted already several times („The business of the business is the business”). However, starting with September 11, 2001 the processes of the world took such a turn that had not been explored even till today. We will continue with the brief discussion of this.

Second thesis, or the „clash of civilisations”?

The real inducement and deep structure of the happenings that are similar to that of September 11 we may never learn due to the nature of the issue. The situation is the same for example with the cases of setting the Reichstag on fire, or the Kennedy murder, even today. However, in general we may rely on two important fixed points: (1) whatever happened certainly did not happen as it is declared in the official version, and (2) nevertheless, the long-term consequences will gradually "outline" those reasons, motives and players hiding in the depth, which may take us nearer to understanding reality.

The fact that the events of September 11, 2001 could not happen in "the way" as stated in the "official version" is already a commonplace fact today. It is obviously an absurdity that a conspiracy that requires the concentration of several hundred or even several thousand people for several years and the concentration of huge material resources covering at least three continents can be directed by a few fanatics from a cave in Afghanistan with a single mobile phone and that they are able to do this in such a manner that they remain completely outside the view of those organisations, which are operated for tens of billions of dollars for exactly the purpose of preventing this. And then we did not mention yet the tasks of the closing act of the action-series, which requires extremely complex knowledge, logistical tuning, the accurate execution of which is an unbelievable feat even if this is assisted by many persons and continuously from "within" the American institution system. (Moreover the official version not only does not refer to this last aspect, but even completely excludes it!)

However, from the consequences that will be soon described, it may be unambiguously projected today that these attacks were needed by all means for the empire of globality, because for the subsequent tasks of building up the empire it had to get such authorisations, which it could hope to obtain only by referring to such a shocking strike. The fact that the happening is a „casus belli” was not specifically denied by the empire already even after the event, moreover, the official name of all what happens is "war against terrorism" even today. The statement that "today there is a world war going on" is not an unfounded dramatising assumption, but the "official" name of the era. In the following we will make an effort to outline why did the permanent planetary civil war - that is going on on our Earth according to our hypothesis - has taken a new turn.

However, before starting to discuss this, first we have to make a terminological detour. When we use the expression "empire" it does not automatically mean "America". Since the empire that steers globality as a new means-of-existence - contrarily to the previously known empires of history - is a concept that is not, or primarily not tied to a geographical space, but it is a superstructure that exists in a symbolic space. It is without doubt that America in the geographic sense is an outstanding "field of operation" from the aspect of the empire existing in this symbolic space, however, the important elements, networks, institutions of the empire are not necessarily located within America, moreover their specific location in the geographic space is ever more indifferent. America therefore has a twofold structure, on one side USA existing as a "nation-state", and on the other side it is the empire of globality and it happens to use the physical space of the local society that is called USA as its "network centre". How much these two are not one and the same can be well seen for example from the fact that this "imperial" America unscrupulously pillages even its own "national body". The dramatic proof of this is the fact that the American "underclass" lives on an African level, about whose horrible situation we could learn "by chance" in the course of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. And all this happens in the richest country of the world, in the case of which the reason which prevents "consolidating" the situation can hardly be the lack of resources.

Although the objective of the strategy of globality's way-of-existence was to eliminate the rebellion of the "real" reality by creating the artificial reality, the success of the "project" has been questioned by an increasing number of incidents recently. We will describe the two most important ecological and socio-cultural reasons of this in detail as well, in the following.

The seeming success of Western style modernity and its world reign built on this is the consequence of two important factors. One of them is the fact that against aggressive desacralisation the other cultures of the world have proven to be completely unprotected for a long time. The other factor that had been probably less analysed is the fact that the ecological basis of its blooming was provided by releasing the fossil energy resources. First it is worthwhile to deal with this latter aspect in more detail.

The expansion of modernity's capitalism in no way could be built on the foundations of the energy resources that have been used by mankind previously. This is so, because the former energy resources were represented by human and animal muscle power, and wind and water energy, which were used with a rather low efficiency, and their output was far from the total energy demand of the worldwide expansion of capitalism and from its specific energy utilisation-intensity demand. Very simply the "critical mass" was missing! No matter how strange it sounds, but if the West would not have found the fossil energies, and would not have learnt their pillaging management, then capitalism would have sunk already in the course of the 18th century in the existence-swirls of the reproduction disasters it created itself. The two elements are connected by the facts that energy was needed for overrunning the cultures, and overrunning the cultures provided the resources for building up the pillaging management of energy, as a result an existence destructing synergy could evolve.

The today existing coal, natural oil and natural gas reserves were created during approximately two hundred million years, and the capitalism of Western style modernisation does burn them within about two hundred years. Thus techno-evolution was able to accelerate million-fold the evolution of nature, and this self-generating dynamics after a continuous acceleration between 1850 and 2050 probably will hit the "wall of existence" without slowing down. Since using the fossil energies in this manner both on the "input" side and on the "output" side shall meet absolute physical limits. Their quantity is finite since their creation stopped one hundred million years ago, and within a couple of thousand years it is certain that this process will not be restarted, or in case this would still happen, that would be far more threatening news for mankind than their complete depletion. The "output" side is even more dramatic, since with this million-fold acceleration mankind intervened into the large circulation systems of Earth in such a brutal manner, the potential disastrous consequences of which we are only now starting to understand. The sophisticated complex of the carbon-cycle was established during several hundred million years, and it became during the last several tens of thousand years a structure that is based on very fine and delicate balances. A complete system of feedback mechanisms, "thermostats", with unbelievable sophisticated interrelationships takes care of maintaining the unprecedented warm and extremely balanced climatic conditions. Modernity and globality destroying all this has already damaged a significant part of these thermostats, and it is on the right way to completely demolishing them. The breaking of the balance of the carbon-cycle system may pull with itself the systems of the water cycle and the air cycle as well within an extremely short time, and the consequences of this – which may even appear within the time of one generation - may surpass by far the prophecies of the most dark disaster movies.

Thus all this suggests that this gigantic techno-evolutionary "crematorium" – since we are burning the corpses of our once living living-creature brothers with self-destructing cynical unscrupulousness driven by direct material profit gaining – may prove to be fatal. It seems that the mega-project of globality directed at building up "artificial (none rebelling) reality" shall fail because of the resistance of the "external nature". However, similar consequences seem to appear in the human "internal nature" spaces as well.

If the ultimate reason of failure in the ecological sense is spontaneous rebellion against desacralisation, then this is even truer for the socio-cultural internal natural systems, for this reason we will discuss these briefly.

The world-wide dictatorship of capitalism of Western style modernisation is built historically on twofold aggression against existence. It has treated and it does treat both the ecological and the socio-cultural value fields of the world as raw material deposits, or as waste tanks. Meanwhile it destroyed such cultures, in certain cases demolishing them completely, the "residues" of which already represent a rather serious threat today. Africa and partially Latin America has become a gigantic globalo-latrine.

However, the three strongest civilisations that are able to protect the deep layers of their cultural foundations started to protect themselves – although with completely different strategies – and even partially started their counterattack. This may be interpreted as the first - but for the time being rather threatening - appearance of resacralisation. In the following, therefore, we will try to review the combating efforts of China, India and the Islam. Already at the start it is worthwhile to point out that these three civilisations have "issues that are to be directly settled" with the West as well. In different historic spaces and times, but in the case of all three, the West used against them such brutal and humiliating methods of subordination, which probably left deep impressions behind, the consequences of which it is difficult to project. Moreover, it is worthwhile to recall that all three of them had such societal universes for hundreds of years, even thousands of years, whose economic and cultural performances and whose demographic potentials exceeded those of the West of the time, and even those of the Roman Empire that can be considered to be the "predecessor organisation" of the West.

The decisively significant development of the twenty first century is the fact that these cultures - which as regards their sacral deep structure have onto-social values that exceed by far the quality of the Western method of existence organisation – now still use the way-of-existence of Western style modernisation and globalisation although with completely different strategies. But for what do they use it for? Today it is still hardly possible to say exactly. For the time being we only see that by applying in an ingenious manner the existence destroying means, techno-evolution institutions of the West that pillaged and humiliated them with an unbelievable brutality they - so to say - turn the weapons of their exploiters against their exploiters, and they do this so successfully, which exceeds all imaginations. Meanwhile it seems to be also evident, that this process also generates existence organisation tensions of immense intensity, since in the case of all three of them a societal universe that still preserves its sacral foundations applies with astonishing momentum the destroying, Western type of technologies and the psycho and socio methods of desacralisation. As a result of this an environmental destruction of a huge dimension takes place together with a threatening socio-cultural destruction in their value spaces. China gives 18 % of the population of the world, but more than half of the people deceased in workshop accidents in the world dies in China, and close to 70 % of people dying in mine accidents die in China. This seems to verify in a shocking way that no matter what will be the final result of the gigantic "way-of-existence game", these rebelling societal universes that turn against the West with the weapons of the West do pay a horrible price in the interest of winning the game.

The economic growth of China is an economic historical miracle already today, since so far the "take-off" period of the modernisation process of no country did ever produce such a high growth rate for such a long time. All this changes with a tremendous speed the power system of the world economy that is governed by the West. It creates a huge import demand towards each raw material and energy carrier, and practically denudes the export markets of the world, creating indescribable tensions in the so far existing system of the world economy. Accumulating the largest foreign exchange reserve of world history, China already possesses now American state bonds of a value of more than one thousand billion dollars. Therefore, it is hardly by chance that the Economist by adding the word "Great" before the name board of Wall Street already on its front page refers to the fact that a new world-money-power complex has been established. (From the Wall Street to the Great Wall). The demographic weight of China and its power and economic field gaining may even make it the challenger of the global empire of the West within one-two decades, giving back to China those world-power positions, which it did occupy till the beginning of the 19th century against the West. And in addition to this, the fact that China is becoming a global power factor has such a dimension as well, where the West is completely weaponless against the space winning of the Chinese societal universe. This is - in the lack of a better name - the so-called „micro-globalisation”, in the course of which - using the basic structures that have been existing since one hundred years - China has built out successfully a hidden world power structure, the network of family micro-enterprises, which covers our complete Earth already today. Even according to the most modest estimates there are at least ten million Chinese families living in practically all the countries of the five continents already, including the "darkest" corners of Black Africa, or the jungles of Amazonia. It is also more and more evident that China uses the thousand years of knowledge of the ancient Empire in a professional manner through unreconstructably fine networks for perfectly harmonising this gigantic system, in order to be able to move everywhere as a unified whole in the complex societal-economic-cultural sense as the means of its world power efforts. Already within some decades it may be found out that China is capable of satisfying alone the complete product and service demand of the world (but together with India certainly!) for a counter-value that represents a fragment of the present average prices. However, this would have fatal consequences for the employees of the West. Its hardly by chance that the Economist phrases the following „the capitalists of the world in a paradox manner may thank their good luck to a communist dictatorship. That is, a Chinese worker is practically capable of producing all the products and services that are needed for the world markets for less than one tenth of the average Western wages.

Although from the three large civilisations it is absolutely certain that India was pillaged the most profoundly by the West, in spite of this, this societal universe displays the most "low profile" rebellion against its exploiters. Moreover, at least for the time being, the traces of the tectonic rifts that are becoming apparent in the case of the other two rivals (especially in the case of Islam!) cannot be seen its case. Partially the reasons of this may be that in spiritual sense this enormously large and deep universe has always viewed with a wise humour the despairing fleeing of the itchy white man - camouflaged as a glorious advancement - from the spiritual emptiness increasing within it. For the political elites of India obviously it is partially practical from tactical aspects as well to rebel against the West with a more moderate strategy than Islam, which appears as a rival in a different dimension. The geopolitical situation of the sub-continent, its imposing demographic potential, and its electronic-technologies ground gaining achieved with a huge momentum, its research-development dynamics, and even its winning certain traditional heavy industrial globalo-positions, and finally but not lastly its intensive traditional and nuclear arming altogether do indicate that by the end of the 21st century it will regain the positions in the world space that it had occupied in the thousand years that preceded the 17th century.

India is situated about just in the middle of that huge civilisation zone, which goes from Morocco up to Papua New Guinea and which represents the cultural dynamics of Islam. Although Islam was never capable of organising its civilisation universe into a complex that can be "operated" as a single country, as its previously mentioned two rivals were, nevertheless it seems that this does not hinder very much the achievement of its world-strategic efforts. (It has to be added that if it would have ever succeeded or would succeed in reaching this, subsequently it could hardly have any rivals on Earth.) The zone and this could be even a metaphor, as a magic "Persian carpet" presents an unbelievably colourful, varied picture. Its elites and people - although the depth of their being pillaged by the West is not even near to what China, and especially India had to endure –have a very strong and actually continuously growing suspicion and/or at least aversion against the West. Although they are trying to camouflage this with the most diverse tactical steps, and their mainstreams do have desperate battles against each other as well at certain "space-times", in spite of this it becomes more and more clear that the most militant challenger of Western style modernity and globality built on it, is Islam. Moreover, the (seemingly) more successful is globality's way-of-existence in penetrating the everyday micro-structures of the socio-cultural existence of Islam; the greater forces are raised in the tectonic deep-structures. The essence of the fatal mistake of the West as regards Islam originates from the fact that the West really seems to believe its own ideology of power - that is aggression and dictatorship built on hidden desacralisation that may be described with the false meta-concepts of liberal democracy, law-based state, market economy - is "the best of all the worlds". As Francis Fukuyama have freely phrased after Hegel and Kant - mankind with global liberal capitalism has reached the grade of ultimate development, the era of eternal peace and well-being has arrived, that is using the title of its writing "The end of history" has arrived. True enough on September 11, 2001 for a moment it seemed that it is the end of history, but I am afraid Fukuyama and his followers did not exactly had this in their minds. The grave and fatal mistake of Western people is that it seems that they believe their way-of-existence is the "natural" state for them, but at the same time for the whole mankind, and the sooner the rest part of the Earth reaches this, the better. As I tried to prove it till now, this is assumably not completely so, to put it mildly.

For Islam all this is a way-of-existence destroying organisation that demolishes the internal balances of human existence, and it cannot be denied that in this Islam is right. For Western people, in spite of the fact that they consider themselves to be deeply religious, religion is an "interesting hobby" at the most, and for the majority it does not even mean this. This limitation in attitude makes it impossible for him to understand, or at least to feel that in the case of other cultures this is not so. A Western man does not even consider it seriously to observe in the course of everyday life the "world organising sense" of his religion and the moral commands that can be derived from it, and therefore he cannot even imagine that there are such cultures, where not observing these cannot be imagined.

So what we do witness is nothing else but the resancralising effort of Islam and although with paler colours, that of the ancient cultures of China and India, against that existence-destroying desacralisation of the West, which chases mankind into an evolutionary dead-end.

Let us summarise now what was discussed so far. Western style modernity faced the threat of permanent world civil war starting with the second third of the 20th century, and thus it arrived at evolutionary cross-roads. The ontological essence of its choice is that it can either start a resacralisation effort, or it may continue desacralisation up to the quasi-infinite depths. The set of choices shows a rather contradictory picture. This was the confuse self-building effort of the "First Empire" of globality, which ended with the end of World War II. The „Second Empire” lasted till about the end of the eighties and within the framework of this „Euramerica” continued its careful resacralisation effort, however, „Ameurope” already started to build up its existence-model that is based on the "replacement of reality". However, since for "Ameurope" seemingly everything was ready starting with the eighties, the oligarchic political capitalism of "socialism" did execute its task, that is brutally broke up the sacral existence locks that still protected East Europe, made its value-spaces unprotected, prepared it this way for the application of a pillaging hydraulics, which had been actually applied under the name of "system transformation", and the establishment of the "Third Empire" could be started. China and India after long preparations became ready for being opened - at that time it seemed - in a completely "controllable manner". Islam seemed to be also a well controlled means of Western style globality, with brightly getting the Soviet empire involved in its Afghanistan adventure.

Therefore it seemed that the time had arrived for the "reform". That is after "replacing reality" to re-form the original brutality of capitalism over the complete Earth in a manner that is not accompanied by any rebellion. Capital will never be able to get rid of the vision of the "24 hours daily worktime for zero wages" solution, since this is the ultimate physical limit of "competitiveness" (profitability). Therefore capital considers all "softer" solution than this to be a needless resource waste. The neo-liberal "re-forms" of the eighties therefore wanted to start this process with replacing reality.

However, on September 11, 2001 the building up of the "Fourth Empire" was started, since the Lords of globality became pressed for time. (It is hardly by chance that with the aid of the Matrix-type of "talk-show" films, and the "globalo-thriller" of Michael Crichton titled „Fourth Empire” the Lords of globality tried "to let off the steam" through these transcendent channels as well. But the bestseller book of John Perkins - that has been already translated to several languages - titled „The confession of an economic hit man” also belongs to this line of products. In his book the author by revealing his several decades of CIA past describes in detail the way the global empire continues in an "operational" manner to destroy the "localities" of the world, by intimidating the local elites and/or corrupting them.). It was found out that the technological conditions of the reality-replacement project are not really given yet, and the rebellion potential of reality is far greater, moreover of a growing type of extent, both in ecological and in societal sense. We tried to outline in the above the main structural elements of this two-folded rebellion.

On one side there is the twofold pressure of the fossil energies, the inputs (the depletion of the resources) and the outputs (the ultimate limits of the load the environment can bear, the green-house effect, global warming, etc.), and on the other side there are the three rivals, the new resacralisation propagating China, India and Islam rebelling against Western style globalisation, wishing to win against the West with the weapons of the West. The Lords of Western style globality - if they wanted to get out from the trap of the time pressure - had to act. Letting September 11 happen in a discrete way served exactly this purpose. The achievement of global-universal legitimacy given for acting with an unlimited freedom. By announcing the "war against terrorism" it also indicated that this is actually an apocalyptic fight of the "GOOD" against the "EVIL", therefore it is a new Armageddon.

The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, then in line with the future objectives the aggressive occupation of Iran and Syria seemed (seems) to be unavoidable, because with this temporarily both problems are solved, or at least are "treated". One of the problems is controlling the three rivals (China, India, Islam) based on direct threatening. Total availability of the space that is located between Bosporus and India means that from here not only all the three rivals can be "shot at" in comfort, but also means that at the same time in the era when the fossil energy resources are getting exhausted it is able to keep under control through raw military power the most rich mining localities that are possessed by Islam, the most militant rival. This is important since this is the weakest element of the Western type of existence organisation. Since if in the sacral sense its main onto-social adversary keeps in its hand that fossil energy-sources, which provides the foundations of the complete modernity on the side of ecology, and in the demographic dimension - the most raw basis of life – it also conquers West, then the complete "half a thousand year game" may involve - within half a century - the spectacular and complete fall-down of the West and its method of existence organisation that turns from modernity to globality.

The building up of the "Fourth Empire", which started with September 11, therefore leads to such a complex and cruel planetarily dimensioned war that had never been seen. This war in now starts to become such a "black hole" from the aspect of the Empire that threatens to swallow everything. The Empire now tries to pass the material and ethical deficit of this over to the world, and primarily to its rivals.

In the following we will review in what way this involves our closer home, Europe and the locality - that seems to be sinking in the swirls of the confused conflicts - which we (for the time being) usually call in the course of our everyday discussions "Hungary".

Thesis three, or the hijacking of Europe

As we have already mentioned Western style modernisation, which entered a historical dead-end started a careful resacralisation experiment after Word War II that involved horrific sacrifices on its side. In the beginning they named it social market economy, and then later on they called it the welfare state, in which the ecological elements were emphasised at least with the same weight as the effort of trying to reach societal harmony. The European integration experiments during the fifties - in a manner similar to the New Deal strategy of Roosevelt - tried to persuade the global capital-structures, which were considering the infinite deepening of desacralisation, that there is an other existence organisation alternative as well and that Europe seems to be an adequate terrain for experimenting with such a model, before it is rolled out on a worldwide scale.

Even today we are not able to identify exactly what were those forces which both in the USA and in Europe finally prevented this historical experiment. However, it seems to be unambiguous that the termination of the fixed gold parity of the dollar in 1971, then the energy price explosions/blasts that took place between 1974 and 1981 in two rounds indicated that the reshuffling of the historical scene (or rather of the showman booth) has started. The coming into power of Reagan and Thatcher made it clear that the effort of nice-hopes has ended, the "reform" started. The new power-economic ideology, which used to be mentioned as neoliberal economical theory in its theoretical theses makes it clear that the main adversary is the state. The state of late modernity, which as a puffer-zone tried to mitigate the conflict of "capital" and "work" - which threatened with a permanent planetary civil war - with a solution of "compromise". The not long ago deceased Nobel prize winner American economist, Milton Friedman became the leading character of the world power centre called the „Chicago school”, which was founded by Leon Straus, who fled to the USA before World War II, and who before leaving Germany was of the opinion that the efforts of Lev Davidovics Bronstein („Trockíj”) and Adolf Schikelgruber („Hitler”) could be fully reconcilable. Already two generations of the "neo-conservatives", who represent the core base of the currently reigning elites of the USA consider him to be the historical basis of their efforts. The famous, wittily cynical slogan „The business of the businesses is the business” phrases more effectively and honestly than any theory the essence of this existence organisation model. This actually means that if capital is able to produce profit on the level of operation efficiency, then it is perfectly irrelevant whether it causes one or two order of magnitude greater existence damage to the external (ecological) and internal nature of human existence. No matter how the world power system of globality and the neoliberal "mainstream" economic theory operating as the basis of its ideology try to present all this as the single salvational condition of operating the world efficiently, the processes of the world seem to support the opposite of this. The neoliberal command of liberate, deregulate, privatise, as we have already indicated, is the metaphor of proliferation that destroys everything.

The dividedness of Europe and America as regards this conflict is well illustrated by the front page of the Economist, on which a huge tectonic rift divides the so far (seemingly) unified West, with the dramatic question „How deep is the rift?”

Simultaneously this ever deeper trench made the long ago suspected fact also clear that the "right side and left side" differentiation is less and less adequate for facilitating our navigation in the political arena. During the past two-three decades among both the "left side" and the "right side" players of the West-European political arena people could be equally found, who connect the apologetics of globality in an unreserved manner with the unscrupulous, cynical collaborant-comprador attitude, but there are also people on both sides, who consider the representation of the strategic interests and values of the given "locality" to be the basis of their efforts.

This dividedness that is also apparent in the area of ideology is well reflected by the several times mentioned Economist, which is pleased to present itself as the historical crown of independent and objective journalism, nevertheless, this does not prevent the Economist in regularly describing this conflict using the following concepts. It refers to the complexes located on the two sides of the rift with the expressions of „traditional statist dogmatism” and „unavoidable economic facts” that is it qualifies one side as the prisoner of traditional statist dogmatism, while it presents the other side with noble simplicity as the one that thinks with perfect logics based on "unavoidable economic facts". Naturally the other "flagship" of the interpreting power of globality, the Financial Times, is not lagging behind. One day before the prime minister candidate electing congress of Hungarian Socialist Party in September 2004 it wrote „tomorrow the socialist may choose between the Hungarian Tony Blair and Leonyid Brezsnyev”. It is difficult to imagine that on the basis of such a fine, differentiated and of course objective approach a person would be unable to arrive at the "adequate" opinion.

Now let us see briefly the main "topos" of the brutal power-economic force-institution that is called by the Lords of the "Fourth Empire" pressed by time "structural reforms" and which is rather called by the Hungarian collaborant elites "structural reform", the strategic essence of which is to draw out mercilessly from all the localities of the world the coverage of the specific costs of operating the empire, which increases drastically as a result of the resistance of reality. It wants to do it so much from each locality that - as we have already mentioned – the geographical "body" of the USA is not an exception either. If there would be no difference between the "two Americas", then it would be quite difficult to explain how it is possible that in the most rich "country" of the world, in the USA, in the geographical sense there are nearly ten million persons live under African circumstances, in staggering poverty, where for example the mortality and morbidity indices of men do not even reach the levels of Uganda. As I mentioned before hurricane Katrina as a "collateral damage" in ideological sense raised the veil covering this horrible world and some raw data makes it also clear that there are "no exceptions". In the USA the minimal wage is approximately eight hundreds dollars per month, while calculating at the prices of today it was around 1200 dollars in the beginning of the seventies, and the previous time when it was so low as today was at the beginning of the fifthies.

The main objective of „structural reforms” is to destroy for good the protective capability of the „localities” in order not to allow anything as far as possible to be in the way of drawing out the resources. That is the forces of globality demand open access from the elites that are authorised by the local electors to protect and take care of the value fields of the localities. The forces of globality usually do attain this through threatening-disciplining, or corrupting (stick and carrot) without any difficulty. In addition to the general command of liberalise, deregulate, privatise, there are such questions of great impact to which attention has to be drawn already at this point, although we will describe them in more detail when we will analyse the Hungarian situation. Since the latent eternal target of capital is to achieve the 24 hour daily work time for zero wage, this arrangement hits unchangeable physiological limits, its application can be conceived only in the sense of "quality". That is it can be only imagined in such a way that in the dimension of the "workforce animal" the price of the workforce is always the subject of erosion, however, its price of reproduction is continuously and at a fast rate is increased with the aid of the "market reforms". The "workforce animal" cornered more and more into this trap, in addition to this - due to the increasing pressure - is forced to be in a permanent "stand by" mode, that is to indicate in a demonstrative manner that it is ready to execute all overtime work "readily", because if he does not do so, naturally he may be the first victim of the next hardly camouflaged force, represented by the concepts of "rationalisation", "outsourcing", etc.

Therefore the objective of "globalo privatisation" of education, health care and the pension system, that is of the main elements of the "state budget reform" is exactly to close this trap around the workforce animals as soon as possible. In the dimension of the „consumerforce animal" there are also similar processes taking place. The obedient consumer directed accurately remotely by the "soft" terror of the global interpreting and thematising powers, expands its consuming capability towards infinity in space and in time upon the effect of the "mind expanders", and through this it essentially becomes a "biological extension" that increases the rotation speed of money. In space: that is it consumes at a time when it does not need it at all and such a thing which it does not need at all (moreover such a thing that may even destroy its intactness and health!), however it is already incapable of resisting the driving force of false needs that are produced in a refined manner in his character. In time: that is he consumes even when as a result of the increased rate of exploitation as a workforce animal it does not have the relevant coverage. This is served by unlimited credit drawing facilities, fast indebtedness, the huge "bubble economy". It can be seen that the West-European societies and their elites are less and less able even to phrase the increasing eco-socio-cultural tensions, they are even less able to find the solution. All this causes increasing frustration, unsatisfaction, which reduces the chance of building up constructive discussion-fields. In Western Europe this did not lead yet to the already threateningly deepening "verbal civil war" of East Europe and especially of Hungary, however, it can be seen that the risk of this increases there as well. An element of decisive significance of the situation is the fact that the elites of the European Union seem to get further and further away from establishing an "adequate narrative". A large part of the elites although feeling that the usage of the mainstream neoliberal "discussion method" continuously involves increasing "risks and side-effects", but either because of internal conviction, or due to cynical calculations sticks to this disfunctional method of approach. Therefore it seems that Europe loses practically all the advantage it has accumulated in the course of the 20th century as regards the chances of the resacralisation turn of the world. Although from time to time some signs can be seen that it is able to assess the fatal consequences of the destroying existence strategy of the "Fourth Empire", this seems to be reflected by its protests against the invasion of Iraq, the refusal of the damages of neoliberalisation, or at least the slowing of its progress seem to refer to this, however, the faulty narrative again and again guides it into false directions. It does not even have a coherent strategy for managing the three rivals of the Empire, and against the murderous logics of the hydraulics of the neoliberal "globalo-suction pump". Moreover, for example with its "reform" initiative called the process of Lisbon, it stipulates that manipulated false logics according which Europe "lags behind" in the area of neoliberal globalo-reforms, and the fast introduction of these may represent the way for Europe "to close the gap". This is tragicomic, but in the long term unambiguously suicidal strategy also indicates well that Europe is not able to break out from the cage of the false interpretation framework that it has itself partially generated. In spite of the fact that its ever graver population situation and the enormous socio-cultural conflicts that are caused by immigration closely related to this may prove to be such timed structures, the possible consequences of which may prove to be fatal. And in addition to this East and Central Europe not only did not get over the "hard part of system transformation", but in the middle of a devastating crisis the falling apart of the "system of the system transformation" has just started now.

The global power doctrine arrived to critical cross-roads; therefore it is of decisive significance whether it will be able to elaborate narratives, with the aid of which it may find a solution to its serious challenges.