Especially for thinking people, I will briefly outline the reasons for the monstrous war that has unfolded before our eyes in Ukraine. There is nothing worse than a war between social groups of one people. In this case, our Russian people, who for centuries have been formed on the territory of present-day Ukraine, which in its time, on Lenin's initiative, included Malorossia, Novorossia and Carpathorossia.

I grew up in Zaporozhye, near which there are now heavy fights to destroy the Ukrainian Nazis, who never existed in my small homeland. I went to a Ukrainian school and know Ukrainian literature and language, which scientifically is a dialect of Russian. I did not notice anything Russophobic in Ukrainian culture. In 17 years of living in Zaporozhye I have never met a single Banderaite. It was considered an offensive word and one could get punched in the face for using it in someone's address. I could never have dreamed that we would live to see the current state of fierce fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian armed forces.

Our President has said many times that Russians and Ukrainians are one people. From the point of view of historical, linguistic, archaeological, ethnographic, and genetic science, this is a proven fact. It was artificially divided after the collapse of the USSR. For three decades after this, according to our President, the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century, pathological processes developed in the public consciousness of the Russian people of Ukraine, which led them to a severe and deadly disease - Russophobia. How could this happen?

Once again I will refer to my book "The Last World War: The United States Begins and Loses," published in 2016, in which the current state of affairs was accurately predicted. One of the chapters of this book, which reveals the reasons for American aggression, is called "Why Ukraine?" I recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand the tragic events taking place today. As well as the preceding book "The Ukrainian Catastrophe", which was banned by the American censorship in Ukraine.

Below I will outline the main points of these works, based on an understanding of the long-term patterns of economic development.          

As they say, there is nothing more practical than a good theory. The theory of long-term economic development that I have been developing for many years, revealing the regularities of the periodic change of technological and world economic patterns, has allowed me to foresee many unexpected dramatic events: the surge and fall in oil prices in the 2000s; the global financial crisis of 2008; the initiation by Washington of a global hybrid war against China and Russia, including a trade war against China and escalation of financial sanctions against Russia, up to the cultivation of a Russophobe-Nazi regime in Ukraine and the current armed conflict.

Unfortunately, almost all the predictions made on the basis of my theory of long-term economic development have been fully confirmed. Unfortunately - because the tragic course of events, which brought our country into a state of armed conflict with Ukraine, could have been avoided if the powers that be had listened to these predictions and implemented scientifically grounded measures to block American aggression, which the author repeatedly suggested, including in these publications. These measures have become even more urgent today. If a doctor has given a diagnosis and prognosis of the disease, which are fully confirmed, then it is logical to listen to the prescriptions and methods of treatment offered by him. Especially if the disease has already led to pathologies fraught with death.    

Let us begin with a brief statement of the theoretical bases. We are currently experiencing a period of change of technological and world stages, which is always accompanied by structural crises of the economy and world wars, respectively. The change of technological modes begins with a multiple increase in energy prices, after which the economy of the leading countries of the world plunges into a prolonged depression, exit from which occurs through a "storm of innovation" after the collapse of financial bubbles formed due to the flow of capital from obsolete industries to the financial market. During this period, military and political tensions escalate and the arms race spurs the economy to a new long wave of growth based on a new technological pattern. This period opens a window of opportunity for the economic breakthrough of new technological leaders, unencumbered by the binding of capital in obsolete industries. This period is currently culminating in the post-covision leap of China and India into the leaders of global technological and economic development on the basis of a new technological mode, the core of which is a complex of nano-, bio-engineering, information, digital, additive and cognitive technologies.  

At the same time, the transition to a new world economic order, the core of which also emerged in Southeast Asia, is unfolding, based on a new convergent system of socio-economic development management that combines centralized strategic planning and market competition, state control over financial and material infrastructure, and private entrepreneurship, in which the state integrates the interests of various social groups around the common goal of improving public welfare through advanced economic development.

As has always been the case during such periods, the ruling elite of the core countries of the outgoing world economic order provokes a world war to maintain its global hegemony. In our case, the U.S. power and financial elite unfolds a hybrid war to chaotize the countries it does not control, including the leaders of the new world economic and technological order.

Objectively, the main rivals of the U.S. and the EU are China and India, whose rate of development is many times higher and which form the core of the new world economic order, already producing and exporting more products. But subjectively the ruling elite of the U.S. and the EU seek to crush Russia, traditionally considering it their main geopolitical opponent. At the same time, in accordance with their geopolitical ideas of the past centuries, they have chosen Ukraine as the direction of the main blow. Here they are clearly following the precepts of Brzezinski, Hitler, Bismarck, as well as the Austrian and British crown, which for two centuries have been trying to tear Ukraine away from Russia, tearing the Russian world into antagonistic parts with the aim of its subsequent annexation in an internecine war. But by trying to inflict maximum damage on us today in order to maintain their global hegemony, they significantly strengthen the position of China, in favor of which the exploitation of Russian natural resources and the EAEU market is shifting. This catastrophic for Ukraine geopolitical mistake of Western leaders dramatically accelerates the change of world economic patterns and the rise of South-East Asia in relation to the North Atlantic alliance.

Due to objective patterns of the change of world economies, the U.S. will lose the world hybrid war that they have launched. In a fit of Russophobia, they have already played their trump card against Russia - the issue of global currency. After the "hellish sanctions" imposed against Russia with the seizure of all Russian assets in dollars, euros, pounds and yen, these currencies automatically lost their status as world reserve currencies. Other countries are faced with the urgent need to create a new monetary and financial system independent of them. Russia could have been a leader in this process, if it were not for the dominance of American agents of influence in the banking and financial sector.   

The book The Last World War, published six years ago, justified the need for a broad anti-war coalition based on:

- abandoning the use of the dollar as the world's currency;

- imposing an embargo on the importation of computer equipment and use of information and communication technologies by countries that refuse to sign the world convention against cyberterrorism (primarily the U.S.);

- imposing sanctions against countries that violate the international convention banning the development and use of biological weapons (now it is obvious that it is also the U.S.).

If the leaders of the SCO and BRICS countries, objectively interested in preventing the global hybrid war unleashed by the U.S., had started implementing these proposals 6 years ago, the U.S. aggression would have been stalled today. If the proposals justified by the author in 2014 to protect not only Crimea, but also the other nine regions of southern and eastern Ukraine from the American Russophobic puppets who seized power in Kiev had been implemented, no military operation would have been necessary. The population of these regions appealed to us to protect them from the Nazis bred by the U.S. secret services.

During 8 years of occupation by the U.S. and British secret services, the public consciousness of the Ukrainian population was reformatted and the younger generation was raised in a Russophobic spirit. The Russian leadership was left with no choice but to launch a special military operation to prevent the mass extermination of Russian people in Donbass. The correct goals of denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine were stated. The problem, however, is that the enemy expected us to do just that, cornering us with forces of Ukrainian Nazis they had bred. As soon as we began to crush them, we were hit with prearranged information resources and monetary sanctions.

It is very important to understand that the initiative on the main fronts of the global hybrid war - information-cognitive and monetary-financial - belongs entirely to the enemy and the war is going on according to his pre-planned scenario. These sanctions would have followed in any case - if we had not launched a special military operation ourselves, we would have been forced into it by an attack by the AFU on Donbass in much worse conditions. But we found ourselves in a trap set up by the American and British secret services, who flooded the world media with a stream of mass murders of Ukrainian citizens organized by the Ukrainian military under their direction and attributed to the Russian army. In this way they win the battle for world public opinion and also take away more than a trillion in Russian assets under their jurisdiction. This, too, could have been avoided if our monetary authorities had followed the recommendations substantiated in the above book.

However, despite the defeat on the information-cognitive front and heavy losses on the currency-financial front, Russia has significantly strengthened on the domestic front. First, the influence of the fifth column of American agents of influence, who could not influence the President of Russia under the threat of confiscation of foreign assets, has weakened dramatically. Although the comprador oligarchy is bending over backwards to prove its loyalty to Washington and London, in an effort to keep their wealth blown out of Russia, they are seen there as a wild card to be played. Many of the foreign agents of influence who poisoned the public consciousness daily in the media have simply escaped. Secondly, as a consequence of the sanctions, the budget rule according to which oil and gas revenues were invested in the obligations of NATO countries was automatically cancelled. Now these hundreds of billions of rubles are at the disposal of the government and can be spent on constructive purposes. Thirdly, with their sanctions, the enemy has actually stopped the export of capital from Russia, which creates financial opportunities for the doubling of investment in the development of their own economy. Fourth, the ruble, freed from manipulation by U.S. speculators, has significantly strengthened even without foreign exchange reserves. And due to the ban on transactions in dollars and euros it becomes a regional reserve currency. Fifthly, the voluntary withdrawal of Western companies from the Russian market opens up previously unthinkable opportunities for import substitution.

If we correctly use all these positive results of American aggression for Russia, then instead of the planned by Washington fall of economic activity by 10% of GDP this year we can get 10% of its growth. But to do this, we need to restructure the whole system of management of Russia's economic development on the basis of the principles of the new world economic order. Among other things, monetary policy should become part of strategic planning, as well as the banking system should work to invest in the achievement of the goals of socio-economic development planned by the state.

In a frenzy of anti-Russian sanctions, the U.S. has badly screwed up, discrediting not only the dollar and undermining confidence in the global monetary and financial system based on it, but also giving us incontrovertible evidence of violations of the international convention on the prohibition of biological weapons, as well as the total falsity of their information policy. If indeed the whole world cannot be deceived all the time, the U.S. leadership will soon be exposed for violations of fundamental norms of international security, the total falsity of its statements and international position, and, ultimately, for crimes against humanity. This should be the focus of our foreign policy. The apparent monolithic nature of the NATO bloc can be undermined by our active, consistent policy in this direction. Conditions are ripe for the formation of a broad anti-war coalition around the above-mentioned areas: international conventions on biological and cyber security.

In other words, there are good opportunities for our counteroffensive in the global hybrid war. On its main fronts, the enemy has exhausted its main forces and is no longer able to inflict damage on us. After the seizure of all Russian assets under its jurisdiction we have no choice but to create our own sovereign monetary and financial system, able to multiply the investment and innovation activity in our economy. After fabricating streams of obvious fake news about war crimes in Ukraine, a limit has been reached, after which the public consciousness begins to clear up and gradually understand that these crimes were committed by the Ukrainian military under the leadership of American and British curators. After the blocking of Russia's foreign economic relations with the EU, the latter's economic crisis processes are intensifying, which will soon be complemented by social problems due to the inevitable new wave of hungry refugees from Africa.

The Western world is now on the brink of disaster, which it has come very close to because of the suicidal anti-Russian sanctions against Europe and the war in Ukraine unleashed by the British and U.S. secret services. All we have to do is stand our ground.

Not to buckle under sanctions, because they will not be stopped. Not to withdraw from the liberated territories of the Russian world in Ukraine, because Russian people live there, whose support we really need. Not to negotiate with American puppets, because they will probably cheat us again. Don't fall for offers to back down in exchange for unfreezing assets, because it is illegal and we need to challenge these decisions. Not to return dollars, euros and pounds to our economy, because this would entail renewed capital exports.

And quickly build a modern system of economic development management based on the new world economic order, which has been brilliantly proven in China, India and other countries. Create with them a coalition for the rapid formation of a new world monetary, financial, trade and economic system, independent of the U.S. and its satellites. To avoid searching, I again refer to my books "Leap Forward" and "Management of Economic Development", which on the basis of the fundamental theory of long-term economic development justify the proposals for the transition to a policy of rapid development of our economy based on the new technological order through the creation of institutions of the new world economic order.

My theory of long-term economic development as a process of the change of technological and world economic modes works. The forecasts developed on its basis are coming true, and the proposed measures bring tangible benefits. I would very much like readers, among whom there are probably young specialists in the field of management, to adopt it in their attention.