Will Trump set up a new world order?



I hope this is the beginning of a new world order as well as the beginning of a new order in the United States. But I’m not sure yet, because we can't predict the future.

We do know that something amazing has just happened. Trump is widely popular among millions of Americans, and really reached out to them on an emotional level.

So what was Trump promising to all those people who voted for him?

First of all, he was promising to make America a normal nation, not a global hegemon. From the very beginning, he was talking about borders. He was going to build a wall to stop mass migration. That was a very popular statement, because the American people want their country back. They don’t want America as a platform for the world, or America as a predominant power.

Later during the debates, he actually denounced the Iraq war, and he denounced the entire Bush family. He also revealed a dramatic change in American foreign policy while the United States media is obsessed with bashing Putin and Russia -  “They tried to take away democracy, they’re invading in other countries, they’re killing gays” – and all these lies like that.

Trump spoke about Russia in an entirely reasonable and realistic way. He said: “We can work together, even if we have some disagreements, but there’s no reason to be at loggerheads”.

These were all tremendous achievements, tremendous changes. I myself never could have imagined that any Republican would be saying these things. If someone told me two years ago that Donald Trump would be honest and would be saying these things, I wouldn't believe it. It is a miracle, what just happened.

Donald Trump can change certain things as President. But he is going to have a very difficult time if he will really try to change the dominant paradigm. He will face a huge bureaucracy that is going to hate him.

We have a tremendous amounts of migrants that are already here in the United States who are dramatically transforming American culture. There’s a tendency in politicians to make fake promises and not really do anything. Remember how Barack Obama promised in 2007 something in a Trump way – he was promising dramatic change - “we’re going to change the paradigm” or “the American empire is going to go away”. And you know, Barack Obama did some things, but never really fulfilled these great hopes of millions of people.

Donald Trump may also be that way.  But Donald Trump didn’t just talk about capitalism and democracy. Donald Trump promised the people to stick up for them. Therefore, I think in the final analysis, Donald Trump might be that first step towards identity politics. He won’t be the last word, but he might be the first word. And that is very interesting.