Will Trump effect lead to the end of the EU?


Trump’s victory in the United States is a reflection of the crisis of neoliberal globalization,  the system that has dominated in the West for the last 25 years, especially since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I should say that we can see two tendencies in this phenomenon:

The first is the popular dissatisfaction with the establishment and its policies. The middle class in the West has been for the last 25-30 years in stagnation or has even felt a decline in their living standards. This is one of the economic reasons. In addition, they feel that they are alienated from the political process. People are sure that politicians are bought and sold and serve different powerful forces, so citizens have no influence on their elected representatives.

Another factor which played a role against Hillary Clinton was waging all those wars, especially in the Middle East.

However, at the same time, I have the impression that there was a minority inside the establishment both in and outside the United States that was active in proposing Trump as an alternative to the neoliberal system of domination.

It is too early to make concrete predictions about what will happen in the United States, because this depends on various forces which will have influence on President Trump. There are some important forces inside the establishment and they understand that there is a crisis in the neoliberal model, so they want to change it.

I’m not sure if all these changes will be in the general interest of the whole world, because globalization is a form of world domination of global financial capital. Globalization is an empire. The neoliberal model is just one of many others. The other model is nationalism. You can never say if it is positive or negative, but it can also be used for the purposes of domination.

As for Europe, I think here we have the same phenomenon. After all, we see in Europe, first in Greece, France and Italy, that there is a number of radical forces of the left or of the right. But it is obvious that the European population is more and more looking outside the established political parties. Nevertheless, I think the problem is opened and it is be too early to speak of the end of the European Union, or what could come after the end of the European Union, which is a much more important question.