Will a major battle take place in southern Syria within the coming months?


The Israeli aggression on Lebanon in 2006, endingwith the great triumph of Hezbollah and the axis of resistance, had determined the paths in the region and its identity and future, but this victory was also a turning point at the international level, because it was clearly evident that Israel is no longer viable against targets in the Middle East, and became unable to enter a war and win it, and the mighty military power owned by Israel and its very advanced technology are no longer able alone to win the battles. This is simply because the counterparty has the faith and the willingness to pay the price in blood to defense the values,​ land and holy places. That result ended another phase of the conflict with the unipolar axis, with the conclusion that military power alone is not enough for victory in the battles, and blood must be paid to prevail in the coming battles.

The United States and its Western allies do not have the will to pay in blood, and as a result of this had failed in the previous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That has taken the American axis to the belief that they need to rely on the tools in the region, and to invest in the sectarian violence and religious differences to destroy the countries that opposed their unipolarity.

The aim is to draw a new map of the Middle East to complement the ring around Russia. This ring must be formed by two major entities, the first was the European Union, which actually began after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and took Eastern Europe and other States surrounding Russia to isolate Russia. The second was the formation of another large entity "the new Ottoman empire," featuring the Middle East countries - especially countries that oppose American hegemony- and adopted the thought of the Muslim Brotherhood, led by Turkey, represented by the Turkish Justice and Development Party, as a civilized Muslim Brotherhood, which accepts cooperation with the West and with Israel, to complete  the encirclement of Russia and deprive it of a lot of features that make it less than a regional power. In doing so, this would have achieved the dream of full control over the world by the United States of America.

After the failure of the US's direct intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan in the first stage, and after the failure of the Israeli war on the resistance in Lebanon in the second stage, came the third stage using political Islam (the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism) to destroy Syria, which represents the center of the resistance axis in the region. This axis, also includes Hezbollah, Iran and some Palestinian, Iraqi and Yemeni forces. So began the war in Syria in 2011, in a way that the American axis collected all the demons of the world from the Wahhabis and takfiris, and massed the Gulf petro-dollar funds to serve it. The resistance axis with Russia was able to show patience and stability in the field and act very wisely to show the brutality of those who claim to be revolutionaries. After that, it recovered the initiative and had achieved multiple victories in Syrian, the latest and most important one was the battle of Aleppo. The most important outcome of this battle, that all of these extremist groups, the jihadists, knew with their supporters, that they  lost the Syrian war with losing the battle of Aleppo, because of the huge support that was given to them on all military, financial, media, logistic and other levels.

For this reason, the battle of Aleppo could be considered as a crucial turning point in determining the future of the world, because all tools and options were used in this long  war in Syria, so it could not keep the hegemony of the unipolar axis over the world, but it actually established the emergence of the multipolar axis, and established also a new international system.

The United States will seek to avoid, under all circumstances, to reach such a final outcome. But there is another loser who cannot afford such a loss - Israel - which knows that the victory of the resistance axis in Syria gives Israel no regional role and makes it also incapable and weak in the region.

The total loss in the Syrian war for the United States and Israel is much larger than the loss in the 2006 war, but if  the United States can find compromises with Russia, it would avoid calamity. The non-acceptance of such loss in Syria will put international security as a whole at risk, the entering into of a new global war is not a simple stroll either for the United States nor for the other. But Israel cannot accept such a loss, can Israel therefore influence the new US president not to accept the results of the Syrian war? What are the alternatives to that?

The United States cannot venture with the high tension at the international level, or continuing support for terrorism, which could not achieve what was asked from it in the Syrian arena. May the United States give a last chance for Israel and its tools in the area for a few months to prepare for a battle in the south of Syria?

Because the biggest loser, Israel, will not accept all the Russian assurances, and will seek with all its effect, which is no doubt very big in the United States, to request a specific deadline before the beginning of the activation of international agreements on Syria.

I am afraid that a major battle in the south of Syria will happen and determine the fate of the Syrian war, and also draw new lines for the world order. Because even if the Turks were trying to preserve what remains of their interests in the region, and although they have lost confidence to the United States, they may not be dissuaded from a final attempt that will move the terrorists from the north (the border of Turkey) to the south (the border of Israel), and they no doubt will return to their first line in the event of success. The preparation for the next battle will be in Jordan, some dangerous messages were sent to Jordan in the past few days. The preparation will use every possible means, all the technology that we know and we don't know, all the Gulf money, and all the extremist groups who withdrew from Aleppo and all Syrian cities, and may be new snakes more severe and horrible from all over the world. Let us open our eyes toward the south of Syria,  because the final battle in the south of Syria may determine the fate of the region and the fate of the world, either the triumph of the axis of values ​​and the end of terrorism and its supporters - or the triumph of the unipolar axis, and then we will live in a crazy world aimed at increased greed and domination, and more wars to come. I hope, I'm wrong and the first steps of peace process in Syria will begin.

Let us see!