WikiLeaks publishes thousands of Macron campaign emails: connection with Euromaidan


Today WikiLeaks has published a fresh portion from the correspondence of the assistants of French President Emmanuel Macron. The archive of electronic messages covers the period from 2009 to 2017. The lion's share of letters touches on the last presidential election campaign, which reveals that the strategy of information attack on the main competitor Marin Le Pen was planned as early as 2015. 

But no less interesting is that among the letters there are unambiguous allusions of the supporting the Kiev coup and Euromaidan in 2014.

Excellent work, guys!

The documents include a detailed correspondence of the headquarters with Quentin Guilleman, president of the NGO Cosmopolitan Project Foundation, the activist of the Socialist Party and Euromaidan (Paris). In December 2013 (right before the terrible events in Ukraine) he wrote: "Dear friends, finally, we are in Kiev! You can track events on", to which the people from Macron's camp answer: "Excellent Work, guys! "

In another correspondence, the course of the Kiev events is discussed, including the arrival of the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton. We remember that from her conversation with the Estonian Foreign Minister leaked the information about the connection of snipers on Maidan and the opposition. Guillemane addresses Martin Schultz with a request to monitor the situation from his side and resends all messages to Macron's headquarters.

The representative of Schultz replied literally: "I can confirm that President Schultz pays special attention to the situation in this country and monitors civil mobilization and pro-European forces that have been activated in Kiev and some provincial cities.". In addition, according to the representative, with the assistance of Schultz, a monitoring mission of the European Parliament, headed by Cox and Kwasniewski, was organized.

Already in May 2014, on the eve of the "elections" in Ukraine after the coup, Mr. Guilman wrote: "I think we should not and can not stay without reacting.We stay here from April 23 to May 25 until the elections, which, of course, Not the presidential ones, but they concern the main issue, which we always protect. "

A year later Guyman appealed to the headquarters with a request to support the campaign to release the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko.

Earlier correspondence affected the request to contribute to the freedom for  Pussy Riot. The visit of the French ambassador for human rights to Moscow was also discussed. The main media that the Macron's people have been in contact with for several years is Russophobic Le Monde and Liberation.

Now it becomes clearer why Petro Poroshenko literally admires Macron. He was so much waiting for their meeting that he flooded his Twitter with joyful reports about all possible victories of democracy. 

Recall, Macron after the talks said that France does not recognize the return of the Crimea to Russia,  and called the Kremlin an "aggressor" in the Donbass.