Why Trump Unconstitutionally Started a War with Iran To Serve Israel


Why has Trump taken the US into a war with Iran on behalf of Israel? Because it is what two parties want-- the right wingers in Israel, led by Netanyahu, the only leader of a nation to support Trump's act, and right wing Zionist supporters in the US-- a relatively small group, and the 70-80 million Rapture-rabid Evangelicals who are drooling and salivating to see a full out conflagration of war in the Middle East.

We know that Israel knew about the assassination before Congress's group of eight did, and that Israel may have targeted Soleimani so Trump could pull the trigger.


I'm watching the Irishman, on Netflix. It's about the mob and organized crime. These people were cold-blooded murderers. That's the way Trump wants to be. I would be very surprised if he hadn't watched the movie and then decided-- or was more convinced-- that's how he wanted to be-- ordering kills, making things happen by intimidation and brutality.

Trump said, when he was running for office that he could kill someone and get away with it. I think that's what we saw with the assassination hit job done on Soleimani. And I believe that Trump did it for his fellow mob boss, Bibi Netanyahu, who wants a war with Iran-- only not between Israel and Iran, rather, with the US acting as Israel's surrogate going to war with Iran. That is really screwed up.

So, Trump serves Netanyahu and Israel's zionist right wing supporters, and most important, Trump, by setting the Middle East on fire, serves the Evangelicals who are fantasizing how they are closer to being raptured up to heaven, because the apocalyptic predictions of end times are closer to reality. These are the same Evangelicals-- fake Christians-- who embrace the most dishonest, vile, corrupt, evil president in United States history. Without them, Trump is nothing. With them, Trump feels invulnerable.

Like in every religion, there are good people and there are people who shame the religion.


The people who are celebrating Trump's assassination of Soleimani are willing to move the world to a far more dangerous situation. That situation will cost the world trillions of dollars. The ultra wealthy will find a way to make a profit off it. The other ninety nine percent will pay the price.

I'll throw in a few more thoughts. These people who are justifying the assassination saying it was just killing a terrorist, comparing it to Obama's killing Osama Bin Laden. But Bin Laden was not connected to a powerful nation. He was a loner. There is a huge difference. Soleimani was a top Iranian General. It would have been like the assassination of one of the highest ranking generals at the top of the US military hierarchy. And I assure you, there are at least a billion people in the world who see those generals as terrorists too. They also probably see the politicians who support Trump as terrorists as well.

Trump has put all of these people at risk-- for their lives if they are military or political, or for having much harder lives, if they are average Americans, because so much money must go to war and military funding instead of healthcare, or education or infrastructure.