Why it is right to send military to Qatar


There is a Front now established from Eastern Mediterranean to the Oman Sea. We can defend Turkey’s territorial integrity only by establishing footholds along this line.

At this Line, our main strength is, no doubt, Turkey’s national power.

However, at the same line, there are other countries resisting US/Israel centered aggression. Those countries are being Turkey’s alliance accumulation. If we use this alliance the victory will be certain. If we do not, we pay a heavy price (results will be too catastrophic).

In our age, Homeland War is a war against Imperialism. The war against imperialism, yes, is at the national scale, but at the same time, it is at regional and global scale.

Remember our first Independence War which started in 1914 with the Great War and finished in Izmir with definite victory on April 9, 1922: At first stage we could only defend our homeland establishing alliances with Germany and Axis countries, at second stage alliances with Soviet Russia and Oppressed World where the necessity for a certain victory. The first stage created the potential for the second stage.


Today, Turkey will reach victory for homeland forming the alliances accumulation. From this point of view, there are important signs of progress.

Administration of Tayyip Erdogan and Qatar, until yesterday, were in the position of alliance with US and Israel. They took part in the war of US and Israel to topple Syrian Government. Now, they are, at the front, stand in the same position with Syria. Germany too is not with the US anymore.

FSA (Free Syrian Army) was among the military groups that the US pushed to the front line against the Syrian government. Turkish Army fought against the Syria’s enemies IS and PYD/YPG during Shield of Firat Operation together with FSA.

As we stated from the very beginning, under the control of Turkish Army, The Sultan Murad Brigades of  FSA joined the Syrian Army. In this way, with Turkey, FSA too crossed over to the front line where Syria is.

In this duration, obviously, the last important progress was the failing of US attempt for setting up a Sunni Alliance. Despite US imposition, Turkey and Qatar did not come together with Saudi Arabia and Gulf Sheiks but chose the side with Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Russia.


At the opposite side, there are strong powers like US and Israel. For its territorial integrity, Turkey has to use its potential alliances. Every front that opens against US and Israel in the region strengthens and strengthening Turkey’s Motherland War. Because of this, thoughts such as ‘What do we have in common with Qatar”, ‘We shouldn’t take sides in the conflicts between Arabs’, ‘Don’t sacrifice Mehmetçik in Qatar’, or, ‘Don’t sell Mehmetçik’s blood’ show that today the reality of front line from Eastern Mediterranean to the Oman Sea has not been understood at all.

If Qatar resists, if Qatar reinforces its position with Syria and Iran, Turkey’s war for Motherland gets stronger.


Moreover, Qatar is our foothold for gathering and meeting with our alliances accumulation. In that foothold, we are becoming comrade-in-arms with Iran, with Russia, with other countries that resist the US.

Because of exporting terror to Syria by the administration of Tayyip Erdoğan in the past, there is a distrust against Turkey. Qatar is an important field too for us in order to transform these suspicious gazes into trust. Turkey, by being at the side of Qatar, disrupted the Sunni Alliances of US and Israel and won the trust of countries in the region. So that, plans of conflicts based on the axis of religious sects are too disrupted. The region’s countries took up their stands against imperialism through Turkey’s determinant contribution.


Is not taking a side in the conflicts between Arab nations, it is taking a side in the struggle against imperialism.

Identifies that Front Line stretches from Eastern Mediterranean to the Oman Sea.

Establishes defense posts at advanced lines against US plan of “Kurdistan”.

Meets its allies and wins their trust.

Is obstructing the ways bowing down to the USA.

Does not sell Mehmetçik’s blood, it gives duty of strategic importance to Mehmetçik for the defence of Motherland.

Those who are opposing the military being sent to Qatar, whatever their intention, are opposing the homeland war becoming stronger against the USA.


Doğu Perinçek, Aydınlık newspaper