Why does the West hate Russia?

A historical explanation. The disease is the Western world, and the cure is called Russia, although not Yeltsin's Russia, but Putins. For Yeltsin was a "good" Russian leader according to the West when he made Russia weak and dependent, Putin is the opposite - he makes Russia strong and independent and he is therefore "evil" according to the West. The West can easily be defined as the English-speaking countries plus the European Union, but without the Balkans. More over, it is not whatever the Western world itself or its propaganda media would have us believe. Through the history of Europe, different powers have succeeded each other. After the second world war there was a balance of power again until the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991. Then followed nearly two decades of unbridled American / western expansion in the power vacuum that arose. This expansion was checked abruptly in 2008, with the Georgia war. This is, grossly simplified, the pre-history to the present day. Why then does the Occident literally hate Russia?
Well, every time that any power in Europe (and later in the world) has been close to achieving dominance in all, or large parts of Europe or the world, so it has been Russia (in the 1900s USSR) that has put a stop to this. The Teutonic (German) Order Knights were halted by Alexander Nevsky in the 1200s, Swedish Charles XII at Poltava in the 1700s, Napoleon in the 1800s, the British Empire was kept away from Central Asia and China in the 1800s, Germany was stopped twice in the 1900s in World War I and most importantly in World War II. The United States was not allowed to dominate the world in the 1960s, -70s, and -80's. No wonder that all these powers hate Russia. Therefore they formed  NATO and therefore the US now rages against Russia with the pretext of the Ukraine crisis. The West's long-term goal has always been world domination in one form or another: South America was at first a Spanish-Portuguese colony and then an North American "backyard". Only in recent years, they have freed themselves. The Middle East was disbanded and is still kept under the pro-Western dictators (the "good" dictatorships, unlike the "evil", who wanted to nationalize the oil), because they are "cursed" to have oil in their countries. Africa was divided into little parts and liberated only after long guerrilla wars (where many countries received support from the Soviet Union), India was a colony for a hundred years, China was being cut to pieces (but was rescued in large part by Soviet support). Each time, Russia / Soviet Union has destroyed the West's plans. Unfortunately, the Soviet Union was betrayed from within, instead of getting democratization and renewal, and the West got a "free chance" to realize their dreams. But as I said, one man stopped this a few years ago. 
Think what you want about Putin but macro-historically, he is the most important person in the last seventy years. His vision of a multipolar world where the BRIC(S) plays a leading role is the nail in the coffin to the Western plans. Under his time as president/prime-minister Russia has supported the continued liberation of South-America from USA influence, has liberated Abkhazia and South-Ossetia, has prevented direct attacks on Iran and Syria. Now he must lead the Ukraine/Novorossia crisis to a successful conclusion with either a neutral, federal, pro-Russian Ukraine with equal rights for Russian-speakers, or a free Novorossia including all the land east of the Dniepr River and Transniestria as a result. So the fact that the West staged and directed the Nazi / fascist coup in Kiev should not really surprise anyone. That is why the mass media in the West are so full of lies for their own peoples - the truth must be hidden at all costs.
But the West's plans begin to crack: Russia will not (can not, for internal reasons) abandon the Donbass or Novorossia - there is no choice because if Russia loses this battle the next battle will be fought on Russian territory. Russia will enforce either a regime change and the federalization of the whole of Ukraine or a free Novorossia including all the land east of the Dnieper. China supports Russia, India is sympathetic, South America as well. Even the peoples of several European countries that have experience with Nazi / Fascist occupation support Russia and Novorossia unlike their governments who obey the US. Demonstrations for Novorossia often occur in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, etc. Even Turkey, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan know where the threat to peace and security comes from (and it's not from Russia). In desperation, now the western media at the behest of their owners / governments is blaming Russia and Putin and the freedom fighters in Novorossia to be "right wing nationalists", "hard-core communists", "terrorists", "national fascists" and everything else, and preferably at the same time. It is all so absurd that even ordinary people in the West begin to wake up and see through the lies and even uncover the coup-makers in Kiev for what they really are: a mixture of Nazis, fascists and extremists, appointed by US economic and geopolitical interests. The more western media and western governments scold Russia, the more it means that Russia is right and does right. 
Does anyone doubt that the western governments hate Russia? Let me give two more examples: Of 365 days of the year the EU chose May 9th to celebrate as "Day of Europe"! Why? To dilute and diminish the role of the CCCP/Russia in the second World War of course, to make people forget - well, we will NOT forget! Also, recently before the Rio Olympics the west (through their control of the WADA anti-doping agency) banned all Russian track and field athletes from participation on alleged - NOT proven - accusations of doping.  At the same time, several western athletes that have evidently cheated and got caught in doping-controls earlier, are allowed to participate. 


Yes, Russia is different, she refuses to establish herself under the "new world order" and she gains more and more supporters. She refuses to play by the West's rules, rules that the West changes at will when it suits them. Russia is Russia quite simply, and because of that the West hates her, and her newborn child: Novorossia.