Why did Erdogan become an anti-Euroatlanticist?


Russian aerial bombardments in Syria  were extremely efficient, because they were intended to create breaches in positions of Islamist rebels that the Syrian army land forces have been able to exploit, liberating over 50% of the territory occupied by the rebels. The CIA and Pentagon have failed in terms of creating an army of opponents to fight against the army of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Therefore, unlike Russia, the so-called anti-Islamic state coalition led by the US, over two years of bombings, did not cause significant damage to the Islamic State because on the ground, there were no allied troops to exploit the advantage.

Therefore, in January 2016, the White House decided to change strategy, introducing the use of Kurds as ground forces in their offensive against the Islamic state. The US weighed very well the consequences of their strategic plan to defeat the Islamic State which automatically leads to the creation of the Kurdish state, guaranteed by the White House. Kurdistan will encompass a giant area of ​​390,000 km² that now belongs to Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran and will have a population of over 30 million people.

The plan is based on an article by Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters, professor at the Command and Staff of the US in the Armed Forces Journal published in the edition of June 2006 [2]. The four years before the civil war in Syria and eight years before the advent of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

And here lies the question: was the conflict in Iraq and Syria not something planned long before, for the US to redrew the borders in the Middle East? Especially when seeing that this plan would allow Americans to create a network of Kurdish or Qatari gas pipelines to supply Europe, bypassing Turkey through Kurdistan and taking Iran and Russia out of the equation .

Yet Turkey has a strategic objective that encompass a transition from the European continent to the Asian and African through the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits. And the anti-Islamic State air operations are conducted by the Americans from the Turkish Incirlik air base. This is why the US needs Turkey and not vice versa. That Turkey would lose 45% of the current territory deeply angered President Recep Erdogan. The impulsive Erdogan can be criticized for a lot, much is forgiven by the Turkish people because he demonstrates patriotism. And therefore, no further military coup has a chance of success as  the president of Turkey will be Erdogan.

This aspect of Erdogan is known to Americans, and simultaneously with the implementation of the strategic plan in Syria, it seems that the White House has prepared a plan of ousting Erdogan from power . This plan was to be implemented by Euro-atlanticist elites loyal to Americans, from the Gülen network. Erdogan claims that his enemy, hosted by Americans, is working for the CIA and that the Euro-atlanticist network "in Turkey would be one similar to that of George Soros, implanted in the former communist countries, after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Recruitment processes used by Gulen’s network were scholarships or studies offered at prestigious western institutions with the help from the US government and the CIA.

Gulen’s network was aimed particularly at young officers of the Turkish Army, who received invitations to attent important courses organized by NATO and the Pentagon. After that,  the Pentagon put pressure on the Turkish General Staff, to assign these officers on the functions reserved for Turkey in various structures of NATO. Since they were junior officers without experience in troops, they needed to be exceptionally advanced, “jumping” over two or three ranks to reach the rank of major, lieutenant colonel, or colonel, as required by the rules of NATO. In the Turkish army to exceed the rank of major, and to command an echelon battalion, brigade, division, corps in the army, you need to fulfill length of service requirements, have good results in battle-prep tests, so that you are allowed to take the entrance exam to the Command and Staff Academy in Istanbul. After this, you still must be admitted. Afterwards there is 1-2 years of compulsory NATO work, the Pentagon presses the Turkish military leadership to advance once again these formally senior officers without the Academy, and employs them on important functions in the General Staff or command structure of the Turkish military or army corps.

According to Erdogan's supporters, thousands of Turkish officers recruited to Gulen’s network went up the ladder in their military career on "on high speed", reaching ranks of generals and colonels in key positions. In sharp contrast, in the Kemalist army base, their former fellows remained captains or majors. This artificially created difference led to the failure of the military coup in Turkey [1].

Erdogan says that the Gulen network was able to attract almost 20-25% of the body senior officials (military, higher education institutions, media, justice, police, governmental apparatus, etc.). Erdogan says that the whole network always intended to betray Turkey, on orders from enemies of Turkey.  It is the reason Erdogan immediately started to remove them from their duties, all members of the Euro-atlanticist network, having the model of a Stalinist purge in the early 50's. So Erdogan's stake is with the territorial integrity of Turkey, regardless of US plans in the Middle East.

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