Why are the protests in Oregon important for the whole world?


The protest rally in Oregon is a signal to everyone around the world that within the US, there is a force ready to confront the hegemony of the liberal elites. Simple American ranchers who practice the traditional values ​​of its society, suddenly found themselves among the primary enemies of Washington. At some point, the elites in the United States became so "un-American" that even ordinary people who are far from politics, began to feel that they were being occupied by a force hostile to them.

The clash of two Americas

Ranchers Steven and Dwight Hammond burned old straw on their fields every year, which reportedly on one occasion led to a fire in a nearby reserve. Ultimately they were accused of arson and detained. According to the judge, the first episode was "taken care of by Mother Nature,", burning itself out, and the second time the area affected was only 1 acre (about 0.4 hectares). Despite this, the ranchers (including 73-year-old Dwight Hammond) were taken into custody. The main task of the authorities in such cases is the smothering of resistance from landowners. This group of people is the least controlled by the center, well organized and, if necessary, ready to defend their rights by force of arms. This is simply unacceptable for the hegemon.

Crystallization of the white protest

It is not only neighbors who have decided to support the farmers in their fight with government, but also like-minded people from other states. Among them are brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, who in 2014, defended the rights of their father’s ranch in a dispute with the federal government. In addition, a number of radical anti-government organizations, such as “Pacific Patriots Network”, “Oath Keepers” and “III%” have joined the protest. According to experts, the members of such groups is more than 150 thousand people, many of them being former military servicemen, who are mostly well-trained people with guns.

Reproduction of the national myth

This event is typical of American folkloric characters like Jesse James and the Sundance Kid, heroes who rob banks and fight against the "feds" because the policies of corporations drove them from their family’s land. So any similar action against the federal government is nothing but a reproduction of the national myth that always finds numerous supporters among the primarily white population of the USA.

The second amendment to the Constitution as a way to resist tyranny

The US Constitution legally formulates the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. In addition to personal safety, one of the reasons for this is the ability of the people, should the need arise, to resist tyranny. The founders of the state in the late 18th century foresaw, that sooner or later, the authorities in Washington would become tyrannical towards their own population, which is what happened in the 20th and 21st centuries. The only thing that prevents this phenomenon from being finalized is the presence of about 300 million firearms in the hands of the public. Even with the most advanced weapons systems, it is difficult to resist an army of this magnitude. The liberal elites are well aware of this, and every year they try to limit the rights of the people to keep and bear arms.

Media coverage

The manner in which the problem is being covered by the media is quite indicative. The vast majority of publications in the United States adhere to the liberal ideology, and therefore their position on this issue is clear: the protesters in Oregon are armed criminals, Nazis, and their place is in prison. They compare the Oregon protesters to a more radical movement, Black Lives Matter, which advocates for the rights of people of color in the USA. The openly aggressive actions of "human rights activists" are not covered, and the actions of the protesters in Oregon, on the contrary, are presented in the worst possible light. A number of conservative media outlets cover the events in Oregon more adequately, but their numbers are negligible. Thus, journalists act as protectors of hegemony and seek to discredit the protesters.

Events in Oregon as a symptom

Such events are signs of deep divisions within American society. They will occur more and more often, their scale will increase. The reason for this lies in the growing protest mood among the white population of the USA. The middle class understands that there is no place for it in the America that is being built by the present elite. The people's commitment to traditional values, rejection of multiculturalism and liberalism, as well as aggressively defending their positions, could eventually lead to armed conflict with the federal authorities. At the first stage it may be isolated spots of resistance, mainly in the southern and western states, but eventually the confrontation could escalate into full-scale war like the war between North and South.