A Whole Year since the Russian Intervention in Syria


I still remember those difficult days which we Syrians lived through and how we expected only the worst until new hope began to grow in our souls thanks to the Russian intervention in the Syrian war on September 30th, 2015. 

Takfiri terrorism had expanded and grown across Syrian soil. When it expands to a new area, this means that either new massacres await people in this region or a new exodus will take place to areas controlled by the state or any other available place, because the terrorists are ruthless and do not accept anyone else no matter what religion, race, or ideology. 

Although there is no total contentment in Syria nowadays, we have been living relatively content for a year now that terrorism has been pushed out of the region in which I live, just as it has been repelled from many areas in Syria thanks to Russian assistance and the concentrated strikes carried out by the Russian Air Force on terrorist strongholds on Syrian territory. 

This great Russian effort did not come without a high price. The blood of the Russian and the Syrian people on Syrian soil has been mixed together, as if to say that the blood of Easterners has been spilled together on Syrian territory to unite their destiny in today’s battle. After all, Russians and Syrians have always been united by a system of values ​​which rejects injustice and is devoted to higher values ​​ensuring a happy life for people free from the greed and materialism of the Western world.

A whole year has passed and many achievements have taken place thanks to the Russian intervention and cooperation with a heterogeneous group of allies and friends who have found themselves on the same side by virtue of the need to fight against the terrorism that threatens the world, and by virtue of the need to stop the chaos that the United States and its allies have planted in the area to destabilize the whole world and achieve their aims of global domination by consolidating the unipolar dominance of the new, wild liberalism. 

There are many achievements from the past year since the Russian intervention in Syria. Perhaps the most important ones are:

  • The clear end of unipolarity and the beginning of forming a new world order.
  • Russia has returned to play its historic role in the region and in the world as a superpower
  • China has begun, thanks to the Russian position and the Syrian resistance, to play a role that fits its  economic, historical and military size, in Syria and in the world as a superpower
  • The beginning of constituting a new Middle East altogether different from the Middle East that the United States wanted and planned.
  • Russia's allies remain while the “allies” of the United States are bought and sold, except for some of them, who understood the changes in the world early and  therefore changed their positions.
  • The US’s strategy, which relies on soft power, hybrid  wars, and color revolutions, has been exposed. 
  • The Takfiri Wahhabi ideologies spread and supported by Saudi Arabia have been exposed as used by the United States and its Western allies to destabilize the world.


We in Syria will proudly remember all those martyrs who sacrificed their blood for Syria, and we will always remember that the Russian people and Russian leadership saved Syria from the scheming of those who wanted to devastate Syria, its people, its culture, and its unity. We must also mention that all the losses of the Syrian people in this war imposed upon Syria, however large, are still much less than the losses that could have been inflicted if the Western, US-Israeli axis had succeeded in their plans against Syria and not been thwarted by Russia.