Who Will Fight for Freedom in the US?


We like Sen. John Kennedy. He is typical of the kind of politician that one can still find in the South: a warm, colorful personality, frank in his statements, but also capable of witty, humorous, memorable lines as well, which is in contrast to the rude, sour-faced politicians one often meets with from Yankeeland. But when he says things like this (via Jeff Palermo), we have to reign in our enthusiasm quite a bit:

‘Louisiana U-S Senator John Kennedy says it’s time to expel Russian President Vladimir Putin from the international community for attacking Ukraine. Kennedy says it’s time to stand up to Putin’s aggression.

‘“We need to make him a pariah, we need to make what he is and that’s Hitler,” said Kennedy.

‘Kennedy is calling for a stop to all exports to Russia and the U-S should not only sanction Russian banks and government officials but also rich business leaders who keep Putin in power.

‘“We need to seize their assets, including’s Putin’s assets in the United States, and don’t think that doesn’t-through surrogates-own assets here,” said Kennedy.

‘Kennedy says Russia should also be removed from the SWIFT financial system, which is an international payment system.’

Let’s deal with the Hitler point first. Whenever the US Deep State elite decide on an enemy and want to convince the citizenry to accept him as such, they smear him with the Hitler tag:

In 1999, Milosevic of Serbia was Hitler.

In 2002-3, Saddam of Iraq was Hitler.

In 2011, Qaddafi of Libya was Hitler.

Shortly thereafter, Assad in Syria was Hitler.

In 2014 Putin was Hitler because of the Crimea.

In 2017 Assad was Hitler again.

Now it is Putin’s turn again.

The consistent use of this meme by the politicians, media, etc., to try to control the citizenry shows that they think we are bunch of ignoramuses who won’t bother to investigate the claims they are making and will instead unthinkingly accept their emotional manipulation. To our shame, we have played the part pretty well at times, swallowing uncritically the falsehoods they ladled up for us on CBS News, in National Review, etc.

We need to throw that slop right back at them. To repeat the Hitler charge without any other reasoning to either back up the claims or support the proposed remedial policies is a sign of either dishonesty or laziness.

Who is Pres. Putin? Is he Hitler? A little bit of calm, rational thinking will tell us that he is not. He is the head of the government of a country that has been through tortures and devastations over the last century that we in the States can hardly imagine, a leader who wants to prevent them from recurring again. When the Ukraine, which actually is home to many neo-Nazis (see also the stories and videos posted here), and NATO began to act provocatively, Putin thought it best to clean out the spiders’ nests before atrocities came to pass again for the Russian people.

If you prefer an assessment from a much more experienced foreign policy analyst (we would not blame you for that), here is Pat Buchanan’s:

‘Whatever we may think of Putin, he is no Stalin. He has not murdered millions or created a gulag archipelago.

‘Nor is he “irrational,” as some pundits rail. He does not want a war with us, which would be worse than ruinous to us both.

‘Putin is a Russian nationalist, patriot, traditionalist and a cold and ruthless realist looking out to preserve Russia as the great and respected power it once was and he believes it can be again.’

No one has to declare Mr. Putin a saint; sadly, there are few of those in any government nowadays, it seems. Yet neither should we accept the comic book characterization of him as a dastardly villain that the military-industrial-intelligence-media complex likes to conjure up for its own selfish ends.

Consider for a moment: The same media that tells you that the 2020 presidential election was conducted honestly; that the January 6th protestors are the scum of the earth and a danger to the public; that facemasks prevent the spread of covid; that Big Pharma’s covid vaxxes are safe and effective – this media is now telling you to consider Pres. Putin to be the most despicable man on the planet. We should all take that with an extremely large grain of salt; we should refuse to participate in the globalist’s manufactured Orwellian two-minutes-of-hate ritual.

At the very least, let’s not fall into an uncritical, reflexive Russophobia, which as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, will only get us blown up in a nuclear war. The balanced view of the situation in eastern Europe is what we need to aim for. This includes trying to understand Russia’s motivation for undertaking military action in the Ukraine, things like the 14,000 official deaths (which are probably higher) caused by the Kiev regime’s troops in the eastern provinces of the Donbass. And it also includes recognizing that Russia wants to keep out the trashcan values that the West is trying to jam down the throats of her and other Christian countries in the region, like Georgia, Serbia, etc. To give but one recent example, the chief of the United Kingdom’s spy agency MI6, Richard Moore, spoke out on Twitter, saying, ‘With the tragedy and destruction unfolding so distressingly in Ukraine, we should remember the values and hard won freedoms that distinguish us from Putin, none more than LGBT+ rights.’

Agree with them or disagree with them, if folks want to see a good resolution to the mess in the Ukraine, we need to find out the reasons that caused Russia to suddenly act in that country after several years of inaction rather than let the lying White House and MSM spoon-feed us an ‘official narrative’ that cannot be questioned as they have with covid, etc.

Post-Communist Russia, just like pre-Communist Russia, is not the natural enemy of US conservatives. The globalists are more than happy to use divide-and-conquer tactics to instill fear and hatred in the peoples of both places, however, to keep the two from cooperating against them.

All that said, if Sen. Kennedy and others really want to find and battle a Hitler-esque enemy, they don’t have to go overseas. There are plenty here in the United States and Canada. Their willful blindness and inaction towards them are inexcusable. Let us make this clear for them:

Putin is not forcing millions of US school children to wear mentally and physically damaging facemasks all day long.

Putin did not destroy our economy by ordering businesses to close.

Putin did not infringe on the religious rights of Christians by closing our churches.

Putin did not keep the Louisiana Legislature from passing ordinances to overturn Gov. Edwards’s damaging and unlawful covid restrictions.

Putin did not cause many thousands of US deaths and injuries through the rollout of an untested mRNA covid injection.

Putin did not implement injection mandates that have caused many other thousands to lose their jobs in the US.

Putin isn’t trying to shove covid shot needles into the bodies of US infants and young kids.

Putin did not arrest January 6th protestors and keep them jailed in deplorable conditions.

Putin did not send police goons to brutally beat peaceful trucker protestors in Ottawa, nor did he freeze the bank accounts of those who supported them.

If Sen. Kennedy wants to be taken seriously as a freedom fighter, he needs to take those weapons he is brandishing at Putin and Russia and use them against the tyrants here in North America:

Freeze the assets of Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, and Big Pharma CEOs.

Stop all business transactions of Gov. Newsom, Gov. Edwards, Gov. Whitmer, Mayor Cantrell, etc.

Close the bank accounts of Rochelle Walensky, Anderson Cooper, Dr. Kanter, Sen. Page Cortez, and Lt. Gov. Nungesser.

The White Stripes put out a song some years ago called ‘Instinct Blues’. In it Jack White is bemoaning that the woman who has smitten him will not return his affection, even though the plant and animal kingdoms are full of creatures of the opposite sex who do show that natural affection to one another.

Well, we in the States apparently have our own instinct blues to deal with as it regards our politicians. The natural instinct of the latter should be to care first and foremost for the people whom they are to govern, but they are not obeying it. The highest priority of Sen. Kennedy and most of the other politicians has been to look for monsters to slay overseas, neglecting their primary duties here at home.

That has led to disastrous consequences over the last 20 years. Things are a wreck here in the States, in nearly every category, and not going too well abroad, either, for all the attention given to Outre-Mer. Yet another unnecessary overseas distraction will worsen the problems even more. Sen. Kennedy needs to refocus, to fight for Christian laws and freedoms here at home, for the sake of Louisiana, the South, and the rest of the States. When we have got our own house in order, then we can take a look at what is happening abroad in the world, and with humility ponder what our just and reasonable role should be within it.