Who attacked the USA on 9/11?


America was attacked on September 11th in circumstances that were very suspicious.  Who attacked America on 11/09? We have said that there were a massive cover up on the part of the Bush administration. And as we anticipated, those who have so far concealed information eventually released it to the public in order to embarrass the US government as part of the strategy to bring down America. Thus, CNN broadcasted it, and all those who control the media in the United States lavishly published all of this information that demonstrates beyond doubt that the US administration was involved in a massive cover up.

When we look at this strategy we see that they put a large number of Saudis onboard the aircrafts… some who were suspicious. Why so many Saudis? Because the government of Saudi Arabia has a friendship with USA. In fact, there is something common between Saudi Arabia and the state of Israel which should surprise you. They are sisters. The same forces who worked for the establishment of the state of Israel are the same forces who worked for the establishment of Saudi Arabia. The same forces who guarantee security to Israel are the same forces who kept Saudi Arabia alive today and guarantee Saudi Arabia's security. And when Saudi Arabia will be destroyed, Israel will also follow close behind. The USA could not attack Iraq until the particular moment arrived. Iraq does not pose any threat to the USA or the state of Israel. It was a strategy to make to look Iraq like a threat.

So they used this menace of biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction that are in the dust in the sky.

What it is real is that it does not pose any threat, why? All of this hullabaloo, all of this shouting from the mountain tops, about attacking Iran…

And who? In military strategy, which commanding chief, which country that is about to enter into war, which country that is advancing one year in advance…two years in advance that said, "hey, I’m going attacking you", and is publishing in all newspapers all kinds of alternative strategies on how to attack. It sounds suspicious.

Britain is no longer the ruling state in the world. The United States of America has now become the ruling State in the world. And in the same way there was this mysterious passing relationship between the Island of Britain and the Holy Land, starting with the Balfour Declaration. There is this mysterious relationship between the United States of America and the State of Israel, which was so clearly visible at the Durban World conference on racism and racial discrimination. Was Israel leaving the conference because the whole world united to condemn Israel for its atrocities on the Palestinian People? Guess what it claims: Uncle Sam ! Uncle Sam ! So this mystifying relationship is between the second ruling state and Israel.

The September 11th attack on America is in many respects parallel to another attack that occurred many years earlier. It is a parallel between the summer of 1914, the assassination of the Great Duke in Sarajevo, Ferdinand - the act of terrorism that launched the First world War.

Now during the First World War a new ruling state appeared, namely the United States of America. If you do not understand this go and read your history. Now the September the 11th attack on the United States aimed to bring back the United States as the ruling state in the world. But in the process to execute the plan, the Unites States has some very important work to do for Israel. I can identify tonight two very important things that the United States should do for Israel. There are many more but there is no need to state more than simply two. In order for Israel to succeed the United States as the ruling state of the world, not only must the US economy collapse, but also the US dollar. And when the US dollar collapses, it will rid of all this world of all this paper money…and if you do not believe me just wait. Just wait...