Who are Gogs and Magogs?


One of the most momentous of all signs is that human beings, who have been endowed with a special power by the Lord God, but who use that power for evil purposes; who corrupt and destroy everything they touch; who are oppressors, these human beings are called Gogs and Magogs, and they will be released into the world.  The Koran declares that one of the most important missions of these human beings is to take a town that was destroyed. People from that town were expelled and banned forever to return. But Gogs and Magogs will bring these people back to that town to reclaim it as their own. From my study of Islamic eschatology, that town is Jerusalem.  So when Jews were brought back to Jerusalem 2000 years after the expel, we know that Gogs and Magogs had brought them back. When the state of Israel is restored on the Holy Land we know that this is an imposter Israel.

Who are Gogs and Magogs? We say that they are Judeo-Christians, an alliance of Western Christianity and European Jews who forged a reconciliation and alliance. This alliance today controls the power in the western world. We are now living in a time, when Gogs and Magogs are corrupting the whole world as the greatest oppressors.