Who and why wants to embroil Britain with the USA


The suspension of trade talks with Washington, which are crucial for Britain in the light of its tense relations with the European Union, makes it clearer why a scandal occurred around the British ambassador to the United States, which dealt a powerful blow to the "special relations" between both English-speaking countries.

All this was the result of an unprecedented, impossible without the intervention of strong players, the “leak” in the Daily Mail of the secret dispatches of the British Ambassador to Washington, Kim Darroc. They draw a derogatory picture of the current American administration, which was not intended for the general public, and a terrifying portrait of President Donald Trump. Anyone who reads these dispatches, sold out in many media outlets, has no doubts that Trump and Co. will destroy not only the United States, but all those who associate their fate with them, that they will destroy the world economy is britain. The harsh, wicked reaction of a weak American president added fuel to the fire.

The provocation was certainly a success, and, as we see, it has already begun to bear concrete fruits. Because if now Britain has quarreled with the EU, internally split because of Brexit, there will be no “special relationship” with the US, then what will it have then?

As the London-based newspaper Independent reported on Wednesday, a meeting between US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and United Kingdom Secretary of Foreign Trade Liam Fox, who are trying to negotiate a trade agreement, was canceled due to the scandal flare up. This happened, despite the fact that the British Prime Minister’s Office made it clear that Darroc, with whom Trump had publicly refused to deal, would not take part in the planned round of talks.

This demarche was followed after Darroc’s immediate supervisor, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt apologized for the “leak”, but not for its maintenance, but the outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May, expressing regret, said the British ambassador in Washington enjoys the “full confidence” of the head government.

Who is the culprit?

If we discard the speculations on the topic of "The evil Russians", then such a picture can be seen:

At first glance it may seem that the beneficiary of the scandal is the most likely contender for the post of head of the Conservative Party and, accordingly, the British government - former foreign minister and former Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

First, the scandal inflated the newspaper, which supports him, also, by the way, as is the case with Huawei.

Secondly, this story compromises, first of all, its competitor for the above posts, Jeremy Hunt, the Foreign Minister, in whose office, it turns out, a terrible mess prevails.

Thirdly, Johnson, as it were, is speaking to these Americans and the British: only with me at the head of the country will the United States make a deal with Britain that compensates for its losses associated with the exit of the kingdom from the EU.

However, a number of events that occurred almost simultaneously with the scandal of events and the statements of other participants in the drama around Britain’s strayed “escape” from the EU indicate that a different version is preferable.

Britain’s withdrawal from the EU without an agreement reached by the parties on the conditions of a “divorce” will result in the kingdom’s state budget having a loss of 90 billion pounds sterling (114 billion dollars), said Finance Minister Philip Hammond to members of the House of Commons. This would mean, he added, that “in the long run, there will be no money for either tax cuts or cost increases.”

Since Britain will in any case remain an important trading partner of the EU, it will also affect the economic situation on the continent, which, in turn, will worsen from the gap with the obstinate kingdom. “Brexit without a deal remains the main source of risk”, - stated in the European Commission (EC) interim summer economic forecast published today.

But the most important thing is not even that. The leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbin, according to Sky News, said that in the event of a repeated referendum, his party would agitate for preserving EU membership, since none of the existing exit options would protect the British economy from the crisis. Before the British-American scandal, Corbin’s position was ambiguous.

Thus, with the transition of Labor to the camp of Brexit opponents, where liberals were from the very beginning, and a split within the Conservative Party about the methods of its implementation, the repeated referendum, which the majority will vote this time for staying in the EU, is hardly can be avoided. And if Johnson, having become the prime minister, tries to resist this, he will simply be crushed.

There is one more interesting point: Ambassador Darroc, who turned out to be in the midst of a scandal, is a well-known euro-phil, who previously held the post of representative of the United Kingdom to the EU.

Draw conclusions

If you put together this mosaic, it turns out that it’s most likely not the British Euroskeptics who are behind the flaming up “scandal at the highest level”, but globalists and, in particular, opponents of Brexit trying to avoid the emergence of a separate Anglo-Saxon “trumpet” in the world to strengthen the position of President Trump whose vice-king in Britain will be Johnson. These are those who on both sides of the Atlantic hate Trump's “anti-globalization” and wish him to lose in the upcoming presidential elections in 2020. If we look at what is happening from this angle, then in the events unfolding before our eyes, the meaning appears.