Who is Amy Barrett, who is Trump's choice for the Supreme Court?


US President Donald Trump has decided on his candidacy to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who has recently died, in the Supreme Court. Amy Coney Barrett will claim the seat in the highest judicial body in the United States. This judge is distinguished by conservative views. Amy Barrett's nomination surprised few people. A veteran lawyer, appellate judge and mother of seven was considered the favorite for the position.

The importance of the Supreme Court of the United States of America is often catastrophically underestimated abroad. This is a categorically wrong approach - the fact is that this body, as a rule, makes decisions on the most resonant issues.

For example, US lawmakers fought for and against abortion for a long time, and the Supreme Court made the final and irrevocable decision on them. The same story is with questions about same-sex marriage, the construction of the Trump Wall, and even the winner of the presidential election: in 2000, it was the US Supreme Court that decided to end the recounts in Florida and recognize George W. Bush as the winner.

In short, it is impossible to neglect the role of the Supreme Court in American politics. Like all other authorities, the Supreme Court is divided along party lines. Most of the judges are closely associated with one of the parties, at least by their convictions. Supreme Court members are appointed for life, so each party is careful not to miss the opportunity to appoint its supporters to the vacant seats.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party now have a unique opportunity: they can for the first time in a long time create a stable majority in the Supreme Court. If Amy Coney Barrett is appointed, conservative judges will form a majority, and they will be able to make decisions without relying on the opinions of their liberal colleagues. This is why Barrett's appointment is so significant.

On Saturday, September 26, United States President Donald Trump announced the name of a new contender for the Supreme Court seat.

Eni Comey Barrett has become a candidate for the prestigious post, and this is hardly a sensation.

Barrett is a devout Catholic who is convinced that life begins at conception. Her candidacy has been supported by religious conservatives who hope to overturn a landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that allowed abortion across the country.

Barrett's voice will help shape a convincingly conservative majority in court that could influence life in the United States for decades. It will especially strongly affect the resolution of disputes over such issues as the right to abortion and the fate of the law on affordable health care, adopted under Barack Obama.

Most likely, Barrett will shape the United States for several decades. This is the same Trump legacy that will outlast the 45th President of the United States himself. If, of course, Barrett's candidacy is supported by the Republican Senate.