What’s Next for Trump. The View From Russia


After a month of silence, the previous US President Donald Trump, gave a short interview to several American media outlets, where he outlined his plans. Headlines are full of messages about Trump’s intention to create his own social network, as well as several evasive answers about a possible nomination for the next presidential term.

It’s too early to confidently predict presidential plans, despite Trump’s high ratings in his own party, which is now going through hard times. According to research by Morning Consult, 59% of GOP supporters believe he should strengthen his role in the party. And here, in order to seriously mobilize his supporters before 2024, his own social network will be very useful.

In fact, even taking into account the so-called “defeat” in the last elections, Donald Trump is by far the most popular politician in the United States, and much depends on his opinion, position and support. This much, even the most blue of Democrats admit. Other admissions they make include the fact that they falsified the elections. The phrase, “Yes, we falsified the elections, but this is for your own good” is the new slogan of the US Democratic Party. In a concerted effort by Democratic politicians, liberally-run media and social media companies, the crimes and conflicts of interest were covered up and silenced while pointing their fingers at Trump for imaginary crimes, effectively swaying the opinion of the American voters. The fact remains that until after the election, the vast majority of the American people had never heard of the Bidens’ Ukraine scandal, vast monetary “gifts” from Chinese companies run by a man whom Hunter Biden referred to as the “Spymaster of China.” This information warfare by Democrat-controlled media and social media companies is the real conspiracy against Trump and the American people. The American “Democrats,” who are so fond of ridiculing any “conspiracy,” thus trampled upon the very institution of American elections.

From now on elections in the United States are being managed by the same technology as anywhere else where the US Department of State used to carry out “color” revolutions with usual reference to imaginary violations of the process.

The Democratic party and their co-conspirators have set a precedent demonstrating this behavior is acceptable, as long as the Democratic candidate wins in a revolution for their party. This is pure lawlessness in which Trump was unable to defeat the Democratic elite, which all lined up against him, provoking, at some point, treason and conspiracy in the literal sense even within his party. It was the very presence of a conspiracy among the American elites that prevented Trump and his supporters from legally proving and challenging this blatant illegal fraud.

The ensuing failed impeachment only rallied Trump’s supporters, clearly playing into his hands.

Ultimately, Trump has majority support, an opportunity to run in the 2024 elections, and a winning moral position. What remains is to solve the question about how to proceed, but before talking about further steps, it is necessary to discard what makes Trump vulnerable – momentary weakness and uncertainty. The only drawback of Trump’s position is that he continues to associate himself with the elites; a majority of which, at his most critical moment, stood up and consolidated against him.

Trump’s task now is to establish an interface for interaction with the masses; the American majority which supports him. Trump is indeed the leader of the majority. He needs to maintain his bearing be dignified, not to react to all the conjecture that has been raised in the American media.

While ignoring – and in some cases, making excuses for far more destructive Democratically-aligned groups like Antifa and BLM, the media vilifies Trump’s supporters, using the few overzealous hooligans that stormed the capital building to categorize Trump’s entire base with the terrorists that September 11, 2001. But all this is purely-rhetorical play; language tricks and media manipulations in order to whip up hysteria on the part of minorities, who themselves, no doubt, committed all kinds of crimes and lawlessness, trampling on the vaunted American democracy.

Against the backdrop of the raving “democratic” elites, Trump and his supporters, who are now being accused of almost terrorism, continue to look more decent and moral people who really stand on the side of the law. Trump’s future success now lies in creating an interface for interaction with this American majority. In this sense, his assertion regarding the need to create free-speech social networks is absolutely justified and understandable. There must be a means which could help him to interact with the American majority.

No doubt, Trump needs to be calm and focused, realizing his real support. He has already become the real leader of the American conservative traditional majority and has created a conservative movement. While it’s not yet a political party, it’s an incredible movement on which he needs to rely to fight for power by all available means. In doing this with focus and transparency, it will be much more moral as compared with the lawlessness that his opponents, so-called “Democrats”, commit.

From a moral point of view, the arbitrariness and lawlessness Trump’s that opponents arranged freed his hands absolutely and there’s no need for him to repent. The only mistake Trump has made was the moment of the highest climax of the whole so-called “Electoral campaign of the Democrats,” in which he backed down at the last moment, recalling his supporters and not insisting on getting his own way.

Perhaps this happened because Trump did not have side advisers and consultants, such as all leaders of the “color” revolutions around the world have. In the Arab world and in the post-Soviet space, in Eastern Europe and wherever networks are used to mobilize the masses, protest leaders always have an outside source who calmly gives them recommendations.

“If you captured government buildings, then proceed like this: here is plan A, here is plan B, and here is plan C.” Three directions of action, formulated ideologemes and slogans, manuals for the media and bloggers, and a calm confident tone of a supervisor who is not emotionally involved in what is happening – this is what becomes the key to success wherever the current elites are demolished with support from the masses.

Trump had no such counselors, narcissistically believing himself to be the final sovereign authority. This was the moment somebody needed to help Trump to quickly develop and quietly throw three plans of action to his supporters after the capture of the Capitol, calmly, distantly, looking from the outside.

But no one backed Trump with outside aid. Apparently, due to the holidays and some general relaxation, three plans of action were not created after the seizure of the Congress. As a result, he was confused, gave back and for some reason began to repent, apologize, urge to renounce violence – that was already superfluous. This must now be discarded and forgotten.

And after calmly and soberly assessing all available capabilities, it is necessary to start acting, consolidating supporters. They are nothing but the absolute majority of the inhabitants of America. These are active, hard-working taxpayers. Not some marginal people and rabble. Not some kind of garbage – drug addicts, lesbians, criminals, transvestites and other dregs of society who burn, tear and rob, but solid Americans who are building America. Who create her well-being, increase her well-being, create a tax base, serve in the army, in the special services, in the police.

Those who are for Trump – classic, benchmark Americans, such as they should be. One cannot deny these are the majority of sane people in the United States. Trump needs to recognize this fact and take consistent action. There needs to be consolidation of the Republican Party together with the creation of its own media and networks, the formation of the Conservative majority movement and even possibly the creation of his own party – through winning the elections in 2024.

Such a “die-hard” America is quite possible. It’s possible “make it great again” as well. And now, it can not be done by anyone except for Trump. The main thing is not to retreat and not surrender to hordes of zombies and their accomplices crawling from all American slums, cesspools, Sodom dens and other “stinking holes” that have dragged “sleeping Joe” to the throne, and are preparing to turn the United States into a hotbed of liberal a globalist plague that infects the rest of the world. Stop this American madness – that’s what Trump needs to do.

“Trump – Stop the Madness!” – this is the slogan of the American majority.