What Is Cultural Marxism?


Cultural Marxism is first and foremost a neologism that its actual practitioners never ever use as a self-description and always scurry away from.

In brief, a Cultural Marxist is one who believes that that cultural/civilizational factors are irrelevant in understanding any type of social, political, or international form of relations, and in order to advance their "cultural-blind" end goal ideology, they:

(1) first support the dilution and then abolishment of majority cultures via the ‘politically correct’ dominance of minority/immigrant cultures, typically using slurring accusations of “racism”, “fascism”, and “white supremacy” to attack those who oppose this radical platform;

(2) and then afterwards ‘smoothing over’ all the remaining cultural mass into an amorpheous and unoriginal ‘blob’ which loses all aspects of its former cultural identity and is thenceforth molded into a new and unprecedented form of being.

Stage one is in process all throughout the EU and parts of the US, while the second stage has yet to be practiced in any place besides the Pol Pot-era Cambodian killing fields, where it was dramatically cut short of full implementation by the Vietnamese liberation intervention.

Additionally, Cultural Marxism is also cynically used as a divide-and-rule tactic when it’s purposely kept at the first phase and has thus evolved past its original operational/ideological purpose and into a power mechanism in its own right.

The label itself derives from the way that many outsiders had falsely stereotyped all Marxists as supposedly being for the abolition of every form of economic difference between people and the forced imposition of “sameness” in all regards. This concept was then applied to the cultural realm in describing what happens when self-proclaimed (but not necessarily ideologically true and well-intentioned) “Marxists” and leftists attempt to apply these economic principles to the cultural sphere.

A perfect example of Cultural Marxism is found in the majority of the EU elites, particularly the German ones allied with Angela Merkel.  Cultural Marxists can be identified by the abovementioned characteristics and also by their immediate reactions in applying  the “racist”, “fascist”, “white supremacist” slurs against any and all who not only question their beliefs, but even call them out as being Cultural Marxists. This radically fringe subsect of the leftist movement never used to have any influence on the course of debate until the advent of advanced information-communication technologies such as the internet and the arrival of post-modernism in Western societies which made their ideals relatively more acceptable to and less resisted by the general population.

Nowadays, the Cultural Marxists are rising out of the shadows and spawning at an unbelievable rate in order to combat the equally repulsive and rapidly rising Fascist Right, and these two ultra-radical fringe ideologies are bracing themselves for an all-out battle across the entire European battlespace.