Western Christianity is spiritually confused and misguided by multiculturalism


The following is from an interview transcript

Christianity has absolutely vanished from the public sphere. But I think the main problem is spiritual, not political. The reason why we have all these problems with migrants and refugees is because of our lack of Christian faith. It is not the strength of Islam that is the problem; it is the weakness of the Christians.

We have this sort of misguided compassion or mercy towards strangers we don’t even know. I don’t think this is real charity, I think it is a kind of a self-focused feeling. You want to do something, so you feel good yourself. But if you really want to be charitable and love your neighbor you should at least tell him about Christianity or you should be firm and say: “This is a Christian society. We welcome you, but these are our rules, we don’t want your rules to be imposed in our Christian culture”.

Therefore, because our Christian culture is so weak, we have lost our compass, we don’t know any more how to distinguish between good and evil. We think that all things are the same; we are driven by this relativism, which is a weak point in our culture. We don’t know when to say no and when to say yes. That’s why many migrants want to impose Islamic law in our culture and many people think it is a sign of tolerance to say yes. But there are also a lot of people who don’t agree. We have this huge confrontation within our own circles.

There is a civil conflict inside European society. Half of the population is against the political class and this multicultural idea, which I think can work very well if there is a Christian foundation.

I noticed that in Moscow there are a lot of Muslims, but wherever I walk around I don't see many women covering their heads. In Europe you see them everywhere. I asked people in Russia how come Muslin women don’t cover their hair and they said: “Well, maybe they don’t need it”. I think the reason why they don’t need it is because the majority of the Russian population is Orthodox Christian. So they know they are tolerated and welcome but they should not impose Islamic laws, they should be Russians. I think Russia is a multicultural society, but the reason why it works so well is because it has a Christian foundation.

In a Christian society, all minorities are welcomed, but they should not impose their religion on other people and this is the problem in Europe. We don’t have a Christian framework to keep people in place. Because we are confused spiritually, morally, and culturally, we don’t know any more what is wrong and what is right. And you can see that society will collapse eventually or some other belief system will take over.