The West is following Hitler's plan


Try to look at Syria objectively. On what side should civilization be?

We see President Assad. He stayed in Buckingham Palace with Her Majesty the Queen only a few years ago. Now he and President Putin are the biggest enemies of the British government.

So, what are the crimes of Assad and Putin?

We see how they demonize Assad and Putin. Assad is a middle-class, middle-aged doctor. The power is with the army, not with him. Therefore, they turn them into devils.

What is the overall plan?

The overall plan is to break all of these communities in Syria, In Southern Russia, in the Caucasus and everywhere else and turn them into markets, vassals and slaves of the West.

How do we jump to that conclusion?

Look – the whole talk is about the refugees, but not about what causes the refugees. What causes the refugee is not Assad or Putin. It is America going in and fighting and destroying countries like Syria. Look at all countries that have gone before – Palestine, Libya, Iraq, and Yemen. What is going on in Yemen today is disgraceful, it is as bad as everything that happened  in 20th century. And we are supposed to say nothing and cheer these people as they test their new weapons against Yemen – the poorest Arab country.

Therefore, the overall plan of the West is to create a world, that the leaders of the United States and their allies want. Is this crazy? Yes it is, but so were the plans of Hitler.

Today in NATO we have these very dangerous people like Hillary Clinton, like Obama, following these insane policies and many sane people following them, just as they followed Hitler.

We see Tony Blair massacred millions of Iraqis and he got away with that. We see David Cameron massacred the Libyans – they get away with that.  Anywhere they go they destroy everything with the use of any weapon they like in a hot war and in a soft war. All they can do is to shout that Assad and Putin are to blame.

I don’t blame a crocodile for being a crocodile. I don’t blame NATO, because it's just a crocodile. I blame the media and the other people, who know what is going on, we all know. Everybody in Russia knows. But the media tells the lies that allow these people to get away with their massive war crimes.

The concept of war crimes came up in Nuremberg after the crimes of the Nazis. But all they do now is they put one or two small Africans in court. When will we have David Cameron, Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Barak Obama, George W. Bush, when will we see them in the international court? We will not.