We have an objective to recognize the right of citizens' free choice


Katehon: Veneto and Liguria, as well as Lombardy adopted the resolution against the anti-Russian sanctions and on the recognition of Crimea as the part of Russia, which was offered by Lega Nord. Do you have any comments on it?

Matteo Salvini (S): I am proud to note that our political movement had the courage, and that Lega Nord was the first political organization to make an official visit to Crimea, and recognized the legitimacy of a free and democratic referendum. It was the decision of the Crimean citizens to return home and to choose their own future.

And in Liguria, in Lombardy, and then in all regions where Lega Nord performs well, we have an objective to recognize the right of citizens' free choice. And say “No” to foreign bans and “Yes” to free trade with Crimea as well as with Russia in general.

K: Do you have any comments on Brexit and on the Austrian revoting?

S: The EU leaving is the return of the UK's sovereignty, control of its borders, financial, work, business, and future. I do not know yet, but they could be an example for France, Germany, Netherlands, and Austria. I hope that very soon in Italy Lega Nord will be in the government and will be able to bring prospects for the future to all our young people - common values for the whole of Italy.

Austria is a lesson of democracy for us. The “counting of ballots was wrong” and the election was recognised as invalid, the citizens were given back their right to vote. It is very different in Italy. The examples of London and Vienna is a lesson for Rome and for all of us.