We aren't ready for the Pan-Orthodox Council


The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, during a meeting on June 1st, said that the “Pan-Orthodox Council” should be postponed until “thematic and organizational changes” were made; the Synod listed several disagreements with draft documents that have been prepared for the meeting and with the proposed rules of the procedure. On July 3rd, the Office of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church confirmed that hat the Church's representatives will not participate in the forthcoming Pan-Orthodox Council. Metropolitan Gavriil of Lovech of the Bulgarin Orthodox Church explains the decision:

Nearly hundred years ago, in the time when preparation for the Pan-Orthodox Council started, circa 100 subjects were on the agenda. Then they became less and less. Today there are only six, but it not enough. There are other very important subjects that have to be included in the program of the new Council, It is necessary for Orthodoxy. We consider that during preparation for the forthcoming Council, it is necessary to include these subjects.

On 22nd of April, we made a decision on a controversial document, which tells about the relation of Orthodox Church to the rest of the Christian world. We have very serious remarks in the document. We can't accept it the way it is currently. If it would be included to the Council, we automatically should follow it. But this document has some very controversial, non-orthodox paragraphs. Many other Orthodox Churches - Georgian Church, St. Mount Athos, and others; many archpriests, monks, and priests have the same opinion on this document. On the other hand, the regulations of the Council don't allow for making any changes to the accepted documents. In order to make any amendment, it is necessary to receive the consent of all churches. For this reason we consider that we aren't ready for the Pan-Orthodox Council. This principle must be changed at first, I think it's possible. Of course, we're still cooperating with other Churches; it is really necessary these days.

While we keep the Orthodox belief, the Lord keeps the Universe. What can we expect from the Lord for if we can so easily leave our dogmas? The Lord supports those who need rescue. If there will be no rescuing, doomsday will come. It is really important to save the Orthodox Church as it is. The Orthodox church is based on Councils, we don't have the official successor of Christ like in Catholicism. The Pan-Orthodox Council is the voice of our church, and we have to follow it's orders. The resolutions of the Council are saint, but the Council must really be an Orthodox one. We had many remarks in past, but now it is time to say them aloud.