We are at a point of major geopolitical changes in the Middle East


It would be too optimistic to expect this win as a trend (The Swiss Federal Tribunal ordered Israel to pay $1.1 billion in compensation to Iran after a decades-long dispute over the seizure of a secretive oil pipeline). As we aware, the US has frozen 150 billion dollars of the Iranian assets for the past 38 years since the revolution of 1979. The way the Media and presidential candidates, especially on the right, have been presenting this looks like the US is giving Iran a handout. Nothing could be so further from reality. This money was illegally frozen by the US, because the nature of Iranian revolution was anti-imperialistic and anti-colonialist tendency.

There are some big changes in Israel. I believe that from a geopolitical perspective it is a tense division that exists in leadership cadres in the Israeli government. They are hinting to ultra-right wing radical like Netanyahu that it is time for Israel to consider a little bit. There is also the losses that ISIS is incurring all over Syria. The military intelligence chief of Israel general Herzi Halevi at the “Herzliya” conference declared openly that Israel prefers ISIS over the Syrian government. Israel publicly announced that it supports ISIS savages. It is related to the court decision, because we see the divisions in the Israel policy making machine, that they should shift their policy. Turkey is doing the same thing with Russia right now; it is making radical changes in policy towards Eurasia. We are at a point of major geopolitical changes in the balance of power in the Middle East.