Wars and violence are crimes against humanity

The irresponsible and dangerous Indian air strikes within Pakistan were calculated to escalate the tensions between India and Pakistan. Now, Pakistan has captured two Indian pilots after shooting down an Indian jet military jet over the Pakistani side of the Line of Control in Kashmir.
Is that what India wanted and asked for? My reply is simply this: All military confrontations are bad and suicidal. Only the innocent, poor working class people join army as soldiers to earn a living and help their large families in these poor countries.. Then when fighting starts by the orders of their rulers for whatever reason, they are thrown into the man-made hell of war to kill and be killed; they become the first victims of the war, and then many ordinary civilians, men, women, children, old and young, sick and disabled also become the victims.
To both Indian and Pakistan civil and military leaders, I ask: If war brings only death and destruction, then what do you think will happen to your people and your fighting forces? They will kill and die. But what good will that do? Do such killings of people and destruction produce any positive outcome? In my understanding of wars and deaths of innocent that take place in such wars, there are no positive resits.
The people of Kashmir do not want you to fight. They want you to find a political solution to the Kashmir Conflict as first envisaged by the U.N. in 1948 and grant the occupied people of Kashmir freedom to decide their future. That's the only good solution.