The war on Donbass can be Stopped Only by Russia and USA

by Eliseo Bertolasi

The following is from interview transcript


- Dr. Bertolasi, What is your impression from your last visit to Donbass?

- I just returned from Donetsk and can tell you about my fresh personal impression. At first glance, the city seems calm, but this is only an illusion. The air hangs with tension, everyone understands that the escalation of the conflict can break out at any moment as happened in February.

- What is the situation with civilians?

-I was not in the region in late January or early February when the conflict escalated, but I can describe its consequences that I saw with my own eyes. The northern districts and the neighborhood of the airport badly suffered during the war, but the city seemed to be less damaged.

This time I saw more disruption. For example, the consequences of Hurricane missiles launched by Ukrainians at the center of a large traffic junction which leads from Donetsk to Makeyevka. The city store was exterminated during the bombing. Trees were uprooted. The areas in which civilians live are severely damaged - there are signs of shelling on the houses, the windows were smashed from the bombing. This is a terrible scene.

People are tired of this three-year war, but the war seems endless. Residents have nothing left to do but to continue living and fighting. The DPR has already gained independence from Kiev. No one will agree to return. I even saw  some products In local stores under the brand "made in the DPR." Too much blood has been spilled, too much suffering and destruction have fallen on the locals to give up independence. This is their right to fight for liberty.

- Do you think that a peaceful settlement of the conflict is possible? If so, what will be the role of Russia?

-As expected, the Minsk agreements have failed. The conflict is conditionally frozen, but still very far from being resolved. Nevertheless, everyone understands that sooner or later there must be the decision. At the level of International politics, there are some signals which create the impression that the situation will change. And I hope that these changes will lead to peace.

I think that Kiev does not have so much freedom of action. Let's see, for example, what happens with the blockade of Donbass by radical Ukrainian nationalists. This blockade does not bring any benefit to Ukraine, on the contrary, it caused a serious energy crisis in the country and exacerbates the poor economic situation. The government does not need a blockade, but it is powerless. All power passed into the hands of extremists and ultra-nationalists blinded by Russophobia. They cause many provocations that can provoke an escalation. In addition to radical groups, the Kiev authorities are limited by their masters, who organized the coup d'etat in Kiev and brought the current government to power.

I am convinced that the entire Ukrainian crisis, from the Maidan to the present war, is part of a big Euro-Atlanticist plan against Russia. I'm talking about the front which began with NATO provocations in the Baltic states and Poland, and now operates in Syria. Donbass is only a small part of this plot.

It's funny to hear from the people that the Maidan was an uprising of the Ukrainian people to free themselves from the Russian dictatorship, because now Ukraine has become a full-fledged American colony. After losing its sovereignty, Ukraine has to survive on subsidies from Western countries and the IMF, which are not gratuitous. This money must always be given back. Instead, the country sacrifices its sovereignty.Therefore, the Kiev puppets can only follow orders, they have no way to influence the resolution of the conflict.

If, after all, a peaceful agreement is possible, then Russia will undoubtedly play a key role in it. Russia does not participate in this conflict; the war is an internal conflict of Ukraine. The armed forces that smash the Donbass are the Ukrainian military.

Nevertheless, as I have already said, the war in the Donbass was artificially created to provoke Russia and strike at it on its borders. The fate of this war will be decided by two superpowers - Russia and the United States. The terms of this agreement will not be publicly announced, and Ukraine will play a very minor role.