Viva Obama! A View from the English Right


Note: Since I am not an American, I have no right to feel disappointed by Mr Trump’s apparent pulling off his mask to show the usual neo-conservative skull beneath. I am disappointed, even so. I therefore offer some rather old thoughts on Mr Obama. They are sharply-expressed, but may turn out to contain less wishful-thinking than anything else I have written about American affairs. SIG

I can understand that American conservatives and libertarians are upset at the re-election of Mr Obama as President of America. It means another four years of government by someone who wants to make their country into a third world dump. My own view, however, as an English libertarian and conservative, is that he is very good news for England.

Let me explain.

First, he openly hates England. This is something to do with an ancestor in Kenya who may have been roughly treated when he took up arms against the Queen. Whatever the case, it is a welcome change from the embrace of traditional American Anglophobes like Franklin Roosevelt and George W. Bush.

I think it is generally admitted nowadays that the idea of a Special Relationship between Britain and America is a delusion confined to the British ruling class. The true relationship is one based on longstanding American hatred of England. This hatred showed itself before about 1914 as resentment of British global hegemony. Since then, it has shown itself increasingly as patronising contempt. While Britain remained an independent power, it was American policy to destroy our naval power – the Washington Treaty of 1922, for instance. Otherwise, it was to undermine our general position in the world – for instance, the stab in the back at Suez. Once we had been broken to American control, the policy shifted to one of using our home territory as an unsinkable aircraft carrier against the Soviet Union, and the use of our armed forces as sepoys in American-led wars.

The American self-image is largely defined by Anglophobia. Americans may fear the descendants of their black slaves, or feel guilty about them. They have periodic episodes of paranoia about the Yellow Peril. But their real hatred is for England. There can be only one successor state to the British Empire as it existed in 1763. There is no room in the American mind for a continuation of the historic England as an independent and powerful entity.

Every Fourth of July brings a fresh crop of hot air about “British tyranny.” This is reinforced by the American film industry. English actors are mainly employed to play villains or buffoons. When not shown as individual psychopathic killers – Alan Rickman, Charles Dance et al – we are shown as oppressors of the Irish or the Scotch or the American colonial rebels. See films like Michael Collins, or Braveheart, or The Patriot. Otherwise, Wilfred Hyde-White and Alan Napier were allowed to make careers as plumy-voiced eunuchs. The James Bond films are tolerated so long as he and his employers are shown as junior partners in whatever crusade is uppermost in the American mind.

Actual American policy towards England has been ruthless. Enoch Powell always believed that the Americans murdered Airey Neave in 1979, when it looked as if the next Conservative Government would take effective action against the Catholic rebels in Ulster. The Americans bribed or blackmailed the Conservatives to lose the 2001 and 2005 general elections, because Tony Blair was seen as more reliably pro-American. It was nothing to them that Tony Blair was the most malevolent and destructive Prime Minister in British history. American regard for our ancient constitution was shown when they procured the 2003 extradition treaty, that allowed British citizens to be shipped off for trial in America without any of the traditional safeguards. It is also shown by current American pressure on the British Government to hold certain trials in secret.

This campaign of hatred has so far proceeded under a mask of cloying regard for a “common Anglo-Saxon heritage.” Mr Obama has ripped that mask aside. Open hatred is much easier to deal with. It disabuses everyone of the notion that there is any bond of affection between our countries. It encourages moves towards the reassertion of our national independence.

Second, Mr Obama is less likely than the grinning neocon he defeated to start a big war in the Middle East. I think this stands by itself. It is not a specifically English benefit. I have no idea how many Iraqi civilians have died since the American invasion of their country. It is certainly tens of thousands. It may be hundreds of thousands. An invasion of Iran might lead to millions of dead, and millions more wounded. Unless I have misunderstood him, Mr Obama will do all that he can to resist demands for war with Iran. His opponent, I have little doubt, would have been ordering his aeroplane bombers into action within weeks of taking office.

In general, there is something in claims that America is the Great Satan. America is certainly the New World Order. The global government that so far exists is nothing more than a cartel of national ruling classes. It has no powers of compulsion, but is a pretence through which national ruling classes insulate themselves from accountability. It has no tax gathering or military capacity. It relies largely on American contributions of money and armed strength. It is largely driven by American obsessions. Political correctness, and multiculturalism, and “women’s rights,” and “gay rights,” and the global campaigns to stop people from taking drugs and to abolish every trace of financial privacy – these are American exports. They are forced on the world by millenarian crazies, who may have lost their belief in God, but who have not lost their fatuous belief that they know how everyone else should be made to live. They are supported by amoral big business interests and millions of lunatic semi-Christians who believe that a nuclear war in the Middle East will bring about the conversion of the Jews and the return of Jesus Christ in glory. The French and Germans and Russians, and the Chinese, have no ambition beyond the pursuit of some rather narrow and predictable national interests. It is the Americans who want to remake the world in their own image, or to destroy it.

Take away America, and the New World Order becomes a fading ghost. A scaling back of the American Federal Government, and a return to isolationism, would be preferable for any number of reasons. Since this is not likely, however, we must hope that a second Obama presidency will hasten the forces of disintegration. Never mind the arguments about money and an impending bankruptcy of the Federal Government: sooner or later, continued mass-immigration will bring about a non-white majority in many states. White majority states may then break away. Five or six mutually hostile successor states will not have the same capacity for global domination as the present United States. Even if there is no break up, an electorate in which messianic white Protestants and post-Protestants are no longer the majority will eventually bring about radical changes in American foreign policy.

We need to look forward to a world of renewed diversity, in which hundreds – or perhaps thousands – of nation states and other groupings can work out their destiny in ways consistent with their moral capacity and historic circumstances. This is not possible when American-backed death squads and remote control weapons of murder can be sent anywhere at the press of a button.

But I return to England. We are oppressed by a ruling class that is effectively a committee of American satraps. The collapse of American hegemony will mean the possibility of throwing off that ruling class without having to face down overt American hostility and covert subversion.

If I were an American, I might tremble at the thought of having Mr Obama back for another four years. I freely admit that he is Tony Blair with a brown face. His plain ambition is to destroy America as it has so far existed. But I am English. And, for all he may hate us for personal reasons, he is objectively the most pro-English President in his country’s history.

Therefore, I say again: Viva Obama – and never mind his domestic policies.