US throws terrorists from Syria to Libya


Experts break their heads: where are the terrorists fleeing from Syria?

And here's the answer: to Libya!

In the north of which is rich in natural resources Libyan territory.
Ahead - Europe, the future theater of war of terrorists, in the south - the African continent, where they can always, unfortunately, find bastards for dollars, ready to kill anyone anywhere.

Libya is a huge country at the crossroads of Europe and Africa. The “Sahel belt” of African and Arab countries stretches from Mauritania to Somalia. This is where the American AFRICOM is preparing new ranges for the war.

And the main question asked by the experts: WHO CONTRIBUTES TO THEIR MOVEMENT?

Answer: American and European intelligence services of the NATO alliance. That same "peacekeeping" alliance that bombed the Libyan Jamahiriya in 2011.

And again the questions ...
Who is trying to legalize the Islamic State in Libya?

Who is trying to do this through future elections in Libya?

Through the "generally recognized by the world community" authorities?

Who is trying to push one of the Daesh leaders, a stranger Abdel Hakim Belhadj, to the presidency of Libya, who fought in Syria and now returned to Libya?

The answer is American emissaries, their European allies through the representatives of the UN Secretary General in Libya and Sarraj imposed on Libya by the West.

Europeans, blindly grunting to the Americans, do not understand that
it will be bad first of all for the Europeans themselves.

But the situation is as clear as on a sunny day in the Libyan Sahara: a new stage in the struggle against international terrorism has begun.

African and Arab countries rise from their knees and begin to resist attempts to impose American hegemony on them.

The United States decided that they were able to do with African and Arab countries what they did in 2011 with the Libyan Jamahiriya: to destroy their state structures.

Next in line is Algeria.

 Their methods are the promotion and spread of international terrorism, using the controlled mechanism of extremists without faith and fatherland.

It did not work for the US and NATO in Syria, so the terrorist gangs that are not living in Syria, together with the leaders, are being transferred to the shores of Libya.