US State Department named price for ISIS chief propagandist


The US is  ready to issue an award of $ 3 million for data on the main propagandist of the ISIS terrorist group. According to the US authorities, Abu Bakr al-Gharib is one of the oldest and most senior members and oversees media streams.

The U.S. announced the price for draining ISIS’s media manager *. According to the US Department of State, up to three million dollars will be given to someone who will provide information conducive to the arrest of Muhammad Hadir Musa Ramadan, known as Abu Bakr al-Gharib.

It is noted that the fighter is a native of Jordan. He is engaged not only in distributing commercials on the Web, where torture and executions are captured, but also in recruitment.

According to the Americans, Ramadan played a key role in propaganda operations "to radicalize, recruit and incite individuals around the world."

Earlier, Iraqi officials said they detained Abdullah Kardash, one of the possible successors to the murdered leader of the Islamic State * Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.