US intelligence agencies against Trump


The intention of Donald Trump to deny access to the secret information of former CIA director John Brennan, publicly calling the US president "a traitor" and "mentally underdeveloped," prompted the defense of his colleagues - seven ex-directors of the CIA and even more than 50 "former intelligence agents of high rank."

The CIA has appropriated the right to assess the policies and personal qualities of US presidents through the lips of its "former" directors, demonstrating to America and the whole world who is the owner of the United States. The truth on this score usually does not come out on the front pages of newspapers, because  the "Deep State" in which the special services play a key role, and the presidents of this country usually do not have contradictions. The owners of the White House, as usual, are the henchmen of the "Deep State", and hence the CIA. And George Bush Sr., for example, became president in general after he had been the director of the global army of American spies.

CIA against Kennedy brothers and Richard Nixon

Unlike the FBI, more "American" structure, the CIA since its inception after the Second World War was the citadel of globalists. It is dangerous not only for others, but for those American presidents or politicians who have tried and are trying to act without taking into account the interests of the CIA. In a confrontation with this globalistic "office" was President John F. Kennedy. He refused to fight with the USSR and wanted to withdraw American troops from Vietnam. He refused to help the CIA in the operation to remove Fidel Castro in Cuba. Began to sound the alarm about the beginning crisis of the real US economy. As we all know, for his position he was shot in 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

Knowing who was really behind the death of his brother, Robert Kennedy promised to "smash the CIA into a thousand small pieces." This, of course, is not forgiven. Robert was not allowed to become president of the United States. In 1968 he was also killed.

With President Richard Nixon, the CIA was more humane, but no less effective. He was disgraced in 1974, when the main spy agency of the United States organized the Watergate Scandal.

Since then, the presidential post in the US has become "manual", since none of those who occupied it wanted to choose between the fate of the brothers Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Trump is the first who dared to cross the CIA and the rest 16 US intelligence agencies for more than 40 years.

Trump vs. Brennan

The conflict between Trump and Brennan, who is not the current Director of the CIA, should not mislead anyone. The opponent of the owner of the White House is not a pensioner: there are no "former" directors of the CIA. This certifies that they have the privilege of accessing sensitive information, which Trump attempted.

And it's not just that the US president got tired of hearing Brennan's accusations that he is a "traitor," "imbecile," and is afraid of the Russian president.

Now Trump and his entourage seem to be decapitating the plot against the president, who has a very direct relationship with Brennan. The impending intermediate elections in the US Congress are forced to rush.

Any evidences?

According to the Internet portal Consortiumnews, specializing in journalistic investigations, the ongoing congressional investigation of Russia's possible intervention in US elections and the Trump team's relations with Moscow has documents proving Brennan's role as "a key figure in the so far failed attempts to squeeze Trump before and after the 2016 elections ".

The publication quotes the words of the chief lawyer and key member of the Trump team, Rudy Giuliani, that "convincing evidence" of Brennan's appointment as Barack Obama's appointee of "illegal operations" against the incumbent US president has been received. In a live Fox News television channel, Giuliani accused Brennan of having "conducted" these attacks and spreading outright misinformation to Trump, which led to "an absolutely fictitious investigation".

Trump goes on the offensive

Having determined the key part of the plot, Trump decided not to wait for further attacks on his reputation. As reported on August 15 by his press secretary Sarah Sanders, the president recalled Brennan's access to classified information. This was done, she said, to prevent the constant leakage of secret data, which is the ulcer of Trump's presidency.

    The president is also considering the possibility of withdrawing access to classified information from former ex-FBI chief James Komi, former director of the National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA chief Michael Hayden, former Obama's national security assistant Susan Rice, ex-CIA director Andrew McKabe and former Attorney General Salli Yates.

Challenge accepted

Brennan reacted to Trump's demarche with a new outburst of aggression. in an interview with The New York Times He called the US president's statements that he did not enter into a "conspiracy" with Russia "nonsense".

On his Twitter page, Brennan claimed that "This action is part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics. It should gravely worry all Americans, including intelligence professionals, about the cost of speaking out. My principles are worth more than clearances. I will not relent ... "

It's unprecedented

And then there was an attack on Trump and his supporters. A blow of such force that they, perhaps, regretted that they dared to stand up for their defense from the intrigues of the "Deep State".

Last Friday, ABC published the text of a statement by 60 former leaders of US intelligence agencies. The former director of the US National Intelligence, James Clapper, and seven former CIA chiefs: Robert Gates, William Webster, George Tenet, Porter Goss, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, signed their warnings to warn Dnald Trump and his administration. Gates was, by the way, and Minister of Defense in 2006-2011.

These "former high-ranking scouts" accused the White House of ill-considered and unprecedented comments and actions in connection with the deprivation of Brennan's access to classified information.

And then followed a frank ultimatum to Trump:

  As individuals who have cherished and liberated the right of Americans to free speech. -The joint statement from the 12 former intelligence officials.

In other words, Trump was forgiven, when he promised to "drain the swamp" in the speeches. However, when he took the first timid step in this direction, he faced an army of dangerous critics connected with the whole "universe" of American special services, for which it is no problem to remove the president.

Moreover, the "Deep State", which also consists of influential inhabitants of the Capitol, the military, financiers and the largest representatives of business, immediately passed from threats to action. Virginia Sen. Democrat from the state of Virginia Mark Warner said on Friday that she will submit this week to Congress an amendment banning Trump to withdraw access to classified information.

And surely such an amendment will probably pass, and this will become a signal to "grunt" Trump.